Trouble at Woodend

Minor trouble presents itself within the walled town of Woodend - a settlement that lies at the southern edge of a large forest - causing the characters to journey into the woods in order to retrieve a lost treasure hoard. This adventure is intended as a very challenging first ever adventure for at least five Player Characters. Groups of higher level could undertake the adventure so long as they have no money - which is a central condition in running the adventure.


After coming together as a group at this fairly remote settlement, perhaps at the end of an uneventful caravan journey (as guards or as residents of the town) the characters are approached by a large middle aged woman who introduces herself as Mrs Kraty, owner of the 'famous' Woodend Soup Kitchen. The soup kitchen is run from the front porch of a town house. Mrs Kraty is looking for brave, yet unremarkable, warriors to discretely rid her business of some unexpected visitors - Giant Ants - that are locked within her cellar. She offers the characters 5sp each and free soup, which is usually made from turnips or pumpkin, anytime they'd like it. 

Mrs Kraty 0-level Human (Alchemist)
AC: 10 HD: 1+6 hp: 12 (Con16) THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d3 (small knife) Mv: 9 Alignment: NG Size: M xp: NA
*May cast 4 cantrip spells per day (Flame Dart in combat).
*See rules for 0-level humans for an explanation of the hit points.

Mrs Kraty, who is married to an often absent fur trapper, Jon Kraty, is secretly a part-time alchemist and dabbles in magical research in her basement. She does not reveal this fact, or her first name (under any circumstances) to the characters and omits to tell them that the Giant Ants they face originated from a cursed staff. She will tell the PCs, if asked, that the Giant Ants might have come inside when she left the house open the other day.

The staff that conjured the Ants is mistaken for a Staff of Swarming Insects 90% of the time, -5% per level of the wizard identifying the item. It rests upon a table strewn with various ceramic containers and vials that hold odd substances and liquids. The utterance of the staff's command word causes 1d4 +2 Giant Ants to appear that will attack the summoner. The staff has two charges remaining.

If the characters accept the challenge they are ushered through the town's streets to Mrs Kraty's Soup Kitchen situated on the main road. Stacked on the front railing that rings the porch, and on shelves fitted against the front wall, are numerous wooden bowls. A presently unlit fireplace, with stone chimney, fills part of the left side of the porch. A large iron cauldron is positioned within.

The PCs are directed into the doorway at the right end of the porch, and straight down a narrow corridor taking them past the front sitting room, past a bedroom and into a back storeroom where they see shelves and benches filled with clay pots containing foodstuffs - onions, turnips, potatoes, and pumpkins. In the middle of the floor is an iron bound trapdoor held in place with a crudely made sliding bolt. The store room is 10x10 with the 3x3 foot trap door in the centre of the floor.

[A small shed to the rear of the property is filled with Iron traps belonging to Mr Kraty who is not home.]

Giant Ant Battle

If the PCs unlock the door the Giant Ants will respond in the next round and rush up to knock against the entryway - unless the PCs have already flung it open. If the PCs stand on the door the ants will attempt to push it open which will occur after three rounds as two of them act together. If the bolt is slid into place the door holds and the Ants retreat temporarily.

If the trap door is flung open immediately multiple PCs will be able to strike a single ant, with a +1 to hit for being on higher ground, as it comes through the opening (but only for the first attack). Each round one more ant enters into the small storeroom area. Congestion in the room only allows two PCs to fight freely - more if small sized weapons are used. As more ants come into the fight the characters may need to retreat into the backyard or down the narrow 4' wide corridor they entered. If the PCs open the trap door and rush inside, travelling single file, the first character makes it to the bottom of the stairs before being set upon by multiple Giant Ants.

Giant Ants (4)
AC: 3 HD: 2 hp: 12 THACO: 16 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d6 (bite) Size: M (4' long) Mv: 18 xp: 35
*Giant Ants are too heavy to cling to ceilings but can hold onto walls.

If the PCs entered the cellar at any stage they find a 20x30 foot room that has a large wooden table against the far wall, filled with ceramic storage urns, wooden racks containing vials - some of which have been knocked over - and three large half melted candles in holders. Also on the table is a small, crudely built cast-iron cook top (that runs on oil), a clay lamp, the magical staff (the table is 10 feet across) and a shelf filled with 12 books. Lining the walls (length ways) are are numerous barrels (filled with salt, pepper, coloured sand, straw, charcoal etc), a stack of picture frames, two stools, various wooden poles, a crate (filled with flasks of oil), a tall candelabra, and a rolled up carpet. [DMs may add items to this description if they wish.]

At the end of the fight Mrs Kraty thanks the characters and asks them if they could drag the Giant Ant carcasses outside to the rear of the house leaving them in front of the small shed. She pays them 5sp each, asking them to keep quiet about what happened so that customers are not frightened.

Before the PCs leave she mentions that she's noticed some sinister strangers in the town who seem to have taken an interest in the small Temple of Light. The priest is away and only an acolyte, a young lady named Lana, remains behind. The PCs might want to see if they can offer service to the temple for the next few weeks in order to deter the cretins.

Outside the Temple of Light

When the PCs arrive outside the Temple of Light, a squat 20'x60' sandstone building, they immediately notice three cloaked figures loitering on the opposite side of the street a few houses down. Their cloaks are fairly course, the hoods pulled back, and they wear charcoal coloured shirts and pants underneath.

If the PCs approach, the figures all turn to engage the characters in (unfriendly) conversation. However, they are not looking to fight. One of the group will speak out and state they have no quarrel with the PCs - anticipating that the party is looking for a fight.

Thugs (3) 0-level Humans
AC: 10 HD: 1 hp: 8 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d6 (Short Sword) or 1d4 (Dagger) Alignment: NE Size: M (5-6' tall) Mv: 12 xp: 15
Equipment: Short Swords (3), Daggers (3), Clothes, Cloaks, 30cp/30sp/16gp (totals).

If the PCs ask what these characters are doing they reply that "it is none of your business."
If the PCs ask where they've come from they reply in the same way. In fact they reply this way to almost any question.

If the PCs decide to engage in combat or capture these figures they warn the characters that they are merely delivering a message to the priest known as Lana, and that any harm coming to them will put the characters on an assassination list, so that they better back off.

If the PCs approach the Temple and knock upon the door, the thugs stay where they are and do nothing to interfere. A female voice can be heard from inside the Temple. "If you have come to make offerings please leave what you have at the door. Blessings be upon you."

If the characters ask if she is in any kind of trouble, or state that they have come to offer service to the temple, there is a pause before she answers, "Why have you come here? Who sent you?" If the PCs respond that Mrs Kraty sent them she opens the door and lets the characters inside.

Darkwater and the Hidden Treasure

Once inside the Temple entryway the characters are confronted by a young blonde-haired half-elven priestess dressed in dark red robes with gold trim. She introduces herself as "Lana, originally from the City of Darkwater" and tells the PCs that the thugs outside are also from Darkwater and want 500gp as compensation for her departure from their guild. She cannot pay and will not forfeit temple property. The head priest is away on a pilgrimage and she's the only one left. She insists that the characters not fight with any of the guild members loitering outside because it will only lead to much more serious trouble.

Lana (Half-Elven Dual Classed 1st level Priest/2nd level Thief)
Str 12 Int 11 Wis 15 Dex 15 Con 12 Cha 14
AC: 9 (robes) HD: 2 hp: 10 THACO: 20  Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d3 (small concealed knife) Alignment: NG Size: M (5' tall) Mv: 12 [Total wealth 20 gp in assorted coins] xp: NA

For the DM: As first level characters the PCs are unlikely, and should not have, the gold needed to pay off the Blackwater thugs. Lana says that she wants to keep her trouble a secret from the rest of the town because of the obvious problems - being associated with the vagrants outside. Her only hope is a lost treasure hoard located in the ruins of a town situated on the other side of the forest.

According to the locals, some years ago, when Orcs used to raid the area, this more distant settlement was hastily abandoned and items that could not be carried were hidden by the remaining defenders. None of the defenders survived and subsequent parties searching the ruins were unsuccessful in finding the concealed valuables. The hidden valuables included two holy relics, in the form of a pair of Statues of Light, belonging to the Temple. Recent search parties apparently dug into the ruins, digging up basements, but found nothing.

Lana tells the PCs that over the last few days she's had a vision of a pool of water and is confident this is a clue to finding the treasure. If the PCs are willing to help, Lana says that she may be able to negotiate with the Darkwater thugs to allow for the journey.  


Lana asks that one PC accompany her in the negotiation. She dons a large brown cloak, pulls up the hood and both characters emerge outside to find that there are now five sinister looking cloaked figures loitering over the road. The two additional thugs have their hoods pulled over their heads. Lana reacts hesitantly upon recognising one of them (Tolgar the Half-Orc). As she approaches she tells the PC, "let me do the talking" as one of the figures calls out in a harsh voice, "Where is the gold you owe us Lana?"  The DM should have Lana reply that she's in the middle of raising the money and needs more time. Tolgar then asks who her friend is to which she says, one of the people helping raise the gold. [The DM should try to draw the PC into the conversation as Tolgar asks the character a direct question such as "why would you do such a thing as that?"].

Regardless of what the PC says Tolgar then reminds Lana that her debt is 500gp and states threateningly that "you know what has to happen if you don't pay". Lana asks for 2 week grace. The Half-Orc will grant this but wants to know why and then demands another 50gp for the inconvenience and tells Lana she must stay behind. "No adventures for you Priestess."

Tolgar (3rd level Half Orc Assassin/Fighter)
AC: 5 (Leather, Dex 16, Single Wpn Style) HD: 3 hp: 20 (Con 16) THACO: 18 Attacks: 3/2 (Wpn Expertise) Damage: 1d6+1 (Str 14) Size: M (5.5' tall) Alignment: NE Mv: 12 xp: 180
Equipment: Short Sword, Poisoned Dagger (0/20), Black Leather Armour, Cloak, 6cp/8sp/6gp/12pp.
*Skills: Backstab +1, Thief Abilities (unlisted), Wield two small weapons without penalties.

Kursk (2nd level Thief)
AC: 9 HD: 2 hp: 9 THACO: 20 Attacks: 2 Damage: 1d4 (Dagger)
Equipment: Daggers (9), Clothes, 12cp/20sp/4gp.
*Skills: Thief Abilities (unlisted), Backstab.

Preparing for the Journey

Back inside the temple Lana leads the PCs across the Main Hall of Worship to the far end of the room which is covered by a huge dark red curtain featuring a Yellow Sun. Moving the curtain aside reveals a door which leads to a small room with a glazed roof. In the middle of this room is a small water filled basin. She tells the PCs, "If you are favoured to take this journey, in which you also seek to recover Temple relics, then drinking from this basin will bestow special benefits ..."

Any non-evil Player Character that drinks the water gains a temporary +4 to their hit points which lasts until they commit an evil act or until they reach 2nd level. Furthermore, they also gain a temporary +1 to their strength score for this adventure only. Strength scores of 13 become 14 etc.

Before the PCs depart Lana warns them about the wolf pack that has the run of the forest. She says they keep away from fire, but they are dangerous, especially in recent years, as she has been told. Having a number of torches at the ready might be a good idea. Lana also says that if the PCs locate the statues they don't have to move them. A follow up expedition will go and fetch them with horses and wagon. All the party has to do is find the treasure hoard and return with items that can pay off her 'debt'.

Each PC will need to take 2 weeks worth of dried rations (costing 6gp) that weigh a total of 14lbs and have at least 2 full waterskins (costing 6sp each), and weighing 4lbs each, which can be refilled from a stream halfway through the wood. The Temple of Light has a fair sum of money >up to 50gp< that can be used to subsidise the party's equipment purchases, but this is not allowed to pay off the Thugs. The Temple also has some standard equipment that the PCs can borrow, such as poles, rope, oil, 10 torches, two backpacks, small and large sacks, a covered wooden lantern, four crossbows, and 30 bolts. The PCs would be unlikely to afford horses.

Journey through the Wood

The forest trip takes 4 days, in which the PCs regularly see birds, glimpse rabbits and see the occasional squirrel. The following encounters occur at various stages during the trip:

Encounter 1. During the first day the group is attacked by a rabid dog. The animal is frothing at the mouth, fully enraged and will not stop.

Rabid Dog (1)
AC: 7 HD: 1+1 hp: 8 THACO: 19 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4 (bite) plus 1% chance of disease. Mv: 15 Size: S (3' long) Alignment: CE xp: 40
*The disease is rabies and is explained in the following entry. [Lana has access to scrolls that can cure the affliction.]

Encounter 2. On the second night one random party member, guarding the encampment (perhaps the strongest fighter), is attacked by a Giant Bat that comes out of the darkness. Unless the PC has infravision the victim should roll for surprise, and make a dexterity check to stay standing, with the creature landing on top of him/her.

Mobat (1)
AC: 2 or 7 (restricted flight conditions) or 10 (on ground) HD: 4 hp: 23 THACO: 17 Attacks: 1 Damage: 2d4 (bite) Size: H (12' wing span) Mv: 3/Flt 15 (C) Alignment: NE xp: 420
*Special Attack: Screech that stuns all in 20' radius for one round.

Encounter 3. After the second night (Mobat attack) the party hears the howling of Wolves. The wolves only come close to the party at night. Any PC without a flaming torch that strays too far from the group, or moves away from the main fire, is set upon by two Wolves and the Worg. PCs with infravision, that move to the edge of the camp fire light will be able to see the wolves in the darkness less than 60 feet away. If the characters manage to kill the Worg (likely with magic or missile fire) the pack takes off and never harasses humanoids again. Each night the PCs camp they hear the wolves moving close to their position. (Note: Characters that stand close, but slightly too far from other party members, with their backs turned to the wolves may be attacked in a hit and run manner, where the Wolf or Worg leaps, bites and then runs off.)

Worg (1)
AC: 7 HD: 3+3  hp: 20 THACO: 17 Attacks: 1 Damage: 2d4 (bite) Size: M (5' long) Mv: 18 Alignment: NE xp: 120

Grey Wolves (8)
AC: 7 HD: 3 hp: 13 THACO: 18 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4+1 (bite) Size: M (4' long) Mv: 18 Alignment: N xp: 65

The Woodland Ruins

On the fourth day the PCs come across the ruins of the former town among the trees. There are vines and bushes growing over and among the broken walls that remain. The PCs see foliage covered mounds of piled earth and open ditches within the walls of the buildings - signs of the previous treasure hunting search. Any character who is trained in the woodland arts, Rangers or Druids, immediately notice there are recent disturbances to the ground - the tell tale signs of footmarks.

After a short period of investigation the party will find a well where there are heavier signs of foot traffic. Any character looking into the well, using a torch or other light source, will notice that, apart from water in the bottom, there is a suspicious cleared area among the vines growing around the stone work on the inside of the well about 5 feet from the surface. The DM should give indications that this is a clearly defined square shape. PCs will need rope, tied to a nearby tree, to safely descend in order to properly investigate. Using a detect secret doors check with a +1 bonus, or rolling under double the percentage Find Traps score required by thieves, the investigating character will discover the stone trigger that causes the cleared section of wall to swing inwards.

The Denizens of the Well

If the characters make an effort to remain quiet the Goblin in the first area is surprised by the intrusion and will hesitate to act in the round after the door is open. If the intruding PC makes too much noise the Goblin is prepared (see below for details).

Referring to the map above, the players enter the small tunnel system via the secret door in the well at the far western position. It takes one round to clamber through the hole, with no bonuses for dexterity. If the Goblin here is surprised the PC can get through without being attacked, after which initiative rolled. The tunnel width near the secret door is 5 feet. All the doors featured are closed and have no working locks. On the ground, right next to the secret door, is a coiled and knotted rope attached to a grappling hook.

Note: Upon entering the complex PCs notice there is a dim glow coming from ALL the walls providing just enough light to see adequately. The light does not affect the Goblins and comes from the Statues of Light. Their presence causes all walls in the surrounding rooms to be self luminous. [DMs might want to print out the map above and note the relevant features and encounters.]

Area 1: The first junction.

There is one unlucky Goblin Archer standing guard here, actually sitting against the wall directly facing the secret door. The Goblin will be ready to attack if the party makes too much noise coming down the well, leveling its crossbow at the PC climbing through the opening - and then reloading for the start of the next round. This Goblin does not expect the secret door to be discovered and remains in its position hoping any noisy outside disturbance is temporary. [Refer to the previous passage if the PCs are quiet and surprise the guard]. When the secret door swings open, rather than run the Goblin takes a shot with its Crossbow. The monster will issue a scream in the round that the PC advances to attack (with the Goblin having reloaded its crossbow). The noise causes the first group of Goblins in Area 2 to enter the fight in the next round of combat by which time a second PC should have clambered through the doorway.

Goblin Archer (1)
AC: 8 HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4 (Crossbow Bolt) or 1d3 (Knife) Size: S (4' tall) Mv: 6 Alignment: LE xp: 15
*Infravision 60'
*Daylight penalty -1 to hit.
Equipment: Light Crossbow, 10 Quarrels each, Knife, Leather Armour, 3cp.

Area 1b: The store room to the north (treasure).

Loose items:
A small 2' long ivory tusk (worth 100gp), three 1' tall white glazed ceramic statuettes of robed goddesses (worth 20gp each), one carved black marble stool weighing 50lbs (worth 50gp), 1 ornately decorated disassembled sedan chair (still worth 10gp), five small ceramic jars filled with spices (worth 10gp each), two large amphorae filled with decayed dried fruit (worth 1gp each), one heavy 20lb decorative silver shield featuring clashing unicorns (worth 200gp), and twenty finely detailed silver 1lb candle holders (worth 5gp each)

Barrel and crate:
Inside the crate, are 20 copper ingots worth 5sp each and 10 silver ingots worth 2gp each. Each ingot weighs 2lbs.

Inside the barrel is a supply of charcoal, hidden in bottom are 12 Gold Nuggets worth 3gp each.

Area 2: The main room with one Statue of Light (see below for Statue details).

Eight Goblins inhabit this room, organised into two groups. If fighting breaks out at the entrance, only the first group, that is supposedly on duty, goes to investigate (arriving one round after being alerted). The second group, that is not at all ready for battle, having left their maces and shields strewn about the room, only arrives to fight after battle has persisted and enters the fight at the start of the 5th round. Otherwise, all the Goblins here lounge about not expecting any trouble. They assume the single guard placed in Area 1 will provide enough warning. If the Goblins here are caught off guard, the second group is forced to fight with their knives. The room has the remains of small animal bones littering the floor.

Group 1

Goblins (3)
AC: 7 HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d6 (mace) Size: S (4' tall) Mv: 6 Alignment: LE xp: 15
*Infravision 60'
*Daylight penalty -1 to hit.
Equipment: Mace, Knife (1d3), Wooden Square Shield, Leather Armour, 6cp/10sp/2gp.

Goblin Archers (2)
AC: 8 HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4 (Crossbow Bolt) or 1d3 (Knife) Size: S (4' tall) Mv: 6 Alignment: LE xp: 15
*Infravision 60'
*Daylight penalty -1 to hit.
Equipment: Light Crossbow, 10 Quarrels each, Knife, Leather Armour, 18cp/2sp.

Group 2

Goblins (3)
AC: 7 HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d6 (mace) Size: S (4' tall) Mv: 6 Alignment: LE xp: 15
*Infravision 60'
*Daylight penalty -1 to hit.
Equipment: Mace, Knife (1d3), Wooden Square Shield, Leather Armour, 8cp/7sp.

Goblin Archers (1)
AC: 8 HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4 (crossbow bolt) or 1d3 (knife) Size: S (4' tall) Mv: 6 Alignment: LE xp: 15
*Infravision 60'
*Daylight penalty -1 to hit.
Equipment: Light Crossbow, 10 Quarrels each, Knife, Leather Armour, 18cp/2gp.

Area 3: The Northern room with one Statue of Light plus Eastern room.

The Goblins stationed here are in the Eastern portion of this area and take two rounds to move into the main room if fighting breaks out there. The Eastern section has a long shelf and a squat square cupboard. Both are empty except that the long shelf has a numerous (22) twine snares laid out along the length.

Goblins (6)
AC: 7 HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d6 (mace) Size: S (4' tall) Mv: 6 Alignment: LE xp: 15
*Infravision 60'
*Daylight penalty -1 to hit.
Equipment: Mace, Knife (1d3), Wooden Square Shield, Leather Armour, 34cp/14sp/4gp.

Area 4: The Eastern room with table, three chairs and rotted curtain.

PCs entering here are set upon by the leaders with the archers holding back and firing. If any fighting broke out in the adjacent rooms Gozza, the Goblin leader, sends one of the archers to investigate. The archer will peek through one of the doors. The Goblin leader will not attack until the last minute. Inside this room are two sets of shelves filled with old clay jars, wooden bowls and some iron pots. Hanging from the curtain rail against the inside are 12 dead rabbits that have been caught in snares.

Goblins Archers (2)
AC: 8 HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4 (crossbow bolt) or 1d3 (knife) Size: S (4' tall) Mv: 6 Alignment: LE xp: 15
*Infravision 60'
*Daylight penalty -1 to hit.
Equipment: Light Crossbow, 10 Quarrels each, Knife, Leather Armour, 8cp/10sp/1gp.

Gozza (1) Goblin Leader
AC: 6 (Splintmail) HD: 2 hp: 15 THACO: 17 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d6+2 (Large Mace, Str) Size: S (4+1/2' tall) Mv: 6 Alignment: LE xp: 15
*Infravision 60'
*Daylight penalty -1 to hit.
Equipment: Long Handled Mace with Gems (worth 100gp), Knife, Splintmail Armour, 8cp/12sp/18gp.

Yobka (1) Bugbear Bodyguard to Gozza
AC: 7 (Studded Leather Armour) HD: 3+1 hp: 28 THACO: 17 Attacks: 1 Damage: 2d4+2 (Morning Star + Str) Size: L 7' Mv: 9 Alignment: CE xp: 120
*Special Abilities: Infravision 60', Superior hearing.
Equipment: Morning star, Studded Leather Armour, 15cp/2sp/22pp.

Tactics: If either of the Goblin Leader or Bugbear are killed the survivor will attempt to flee. In combat they will battle fiercely assuming that the PCs will show no mercy, and also knowing that escape out of the well will be difficult. None of these creatures speaks the common tongue of the land.

The Statues of Light are made of white marble and are carved to resemble elves dressed in priestly robes featuring sun symbols. The two carved figures here depict a priest and priestess. Apart from radiating their own faint light the Statues also extend light to larger areas since they cause nearby walls to react as if the spell Faerie Fire had been cast. Those who make offerings and touch the statue during night time hours are effected for 12 hours as by the spell Infravision. If a similar action occurs during the day the recipient is cured of either blindness or disease, or is displaced as if one were wearing a Cloak of Displacement (6 hour duration). The head priest who utters the correct prayers whilst touching the statue gains the ability of True Seeing for a period of 3 turns or may bestow the ability to Detect Invisibility upon 2d6 followers for the same duration.

The Return Journey and Adventure Resolution

On the second day of the return journey, at the halfway point, the party encounters two large figures walking towards them on the path 500 yards distant. As they move closer, to 400 yards, eagle eyed PCs can see that the figures are armed with Axes and Shields. They seem to stroll casually closer and closer. When they are with 150 yards the characters can see that these figures appear to be heavy set bear-like humanoids.

Urson (2) Aaga & O'aar
AC: 5 (Heavy Leather Jerkin, Shield) HD: 3+3 hp: 23, 24 THACO: 16 (Str Bonus) or 17 Attacks: 1 or 3 Damage: 1d8+1 (Battle Axe, Str) or 1d3/1d3/1d6 Size: M (6.5' Tall) Mv: 12 Alignment: N xp: 200
Equipment: Battle Axe, Short Sword in Belt, Sling, Heavy Wooden Shield, Satchels with rations, Waterskins, Leather Jerkin, Leather Kilt, Leather Sandals, 5 Carved 1lb Green Jade Balls worth 100gp each, 6cp/58sp.

Tactics: The bear-like humanoids are Urson (taken from the Grenadier Miniatures Game), and are heading across the forest to a far distant location to join up with others of their clan battling Goblins. They are not particularly interested in the PCs, but are nonetheless cautious of them. The two of them stop a few yards in front of the party, if not attacked first. If the PCs do not appear hostile they shrug their shoulders and look past the PCs, indicating they intend to keep travelling. They do not speak the common tongue of the area either. If the party attacks them at long range they dive off into the woods and disappear into the forest. If the PCs attack them at close range they engage the party with their Battle Axes, surrendering if their hit points fall below ten.

Returning to Woodend and the Temple of Light, the PCs meet up again with Lana who will then have to organise the handing over of the appropriate treasure. Soon after the PCs arrival one of the Thugs comes knocking at the door shouting that they have to hand over the loot immediately (regardless of how many days that remain of the two week extension).

Tolgar and the others are waiting just outside the door. The Half-Orc has the appraisal proficiency and can determine the value of the miscellaneous items. At the conclusion of the deal he tells Lana, "you've got nothing to worry about, except if you come back to Darkwater" and leaves.

Bonus experience points for completing the adventure are 150xp per character.

Suggestions for placing this Adventure in an Oriental Setting

1. The town of Woodend (renamed) should be placed on the edge of a bamboo forest.

2. Lana is a Human Shukenja, ex-Yakuza. The Thugs are Yakuza footsoldiers and Tolgar and Kursk are hired Ninja.

3. The Goblins are Bakemono. The Bugbear remains the same.

AC: 7 HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 or 3/2 Damage: 1d6 (Short Sword) Size: S 4' Mv: 6 Alignment: CE xp: 15
*Equipment: Short Swords, studded leather armour.

Bakemono Archers
AC: 7 HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 3/2 or 1 Damage: 1d6 (Arrow) or 1d4 (Dagger) Size: S 4' Mv: 6 Alignment: CE xp: 15
*Equipment: Short Bow (range 50/100/150), Arrows 14, dagger, studded leather armour.

4. The Urson are Panda-like varieties of only 3HD, with lesser biting damage (1d4), and are armed with Yari (spears) rather than axes.

5. Currency will need to be converted using the table found at this link.

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