Raiders of the River Temple Ruins

The Player Characters are hired to journey by boat up a remote river to ascertain the contents of a ruined Temple. This Adventure is recommended for characters of 3rd to 4th level.


Sensoola's Offer

An old wizardess, Sensoola Fazielle, residing in the tropical city of Port Cambollaar, hires the party for a journey of discovery up a distant jungle river to an abandoned Temple. Rumour has it that the Temple was a repository for treasure, including magics, and is still protected by guardians. Sensoola has heard of the Characters' honourable reputations and offers each PC 100gp to discover whether anything remains inside the building. If treasure can be recovered she offers a quarter (up to a maximum of a third) to the Player Characters but insists on keeping half of any magical items found, with herself having an overriding choice in this matter. The characters must swear to this arrangement before the adventure can go ahead.

Sensoola has organised a riverboat, The Bad Baboon, to sail down the coast and navigate up the river to the Temple's stone landing. The boat Captain is Kekie Mbata and he has a copy of the map. He is waiting at the docks. His deal with Sensoola is the same as the PCs first offer except he does not have to go ashore.

Sensoola Fazielle  4th level Mage
AC: 5 (Bracers of AC 6, Dex 15), HD: 4  hp: 12  THACO: 20 (Strength 7) Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4+1 (Jewelled Dagger +2, Strength) Alignment NG
Equipment: Purple Robes, Bracers of AC 6, Amulet of Protection +1, Jewelled Dagger+2.
*Spells: Magic Missile, Sleep, (Identify), ESP, Invisibility; Cantrips (18)

The Bad Baboon

At the docks you are met by a well groomed dark skinned man wearing a loose fitting brown shirt and excessively baggy pants. A curved Falchion sword is by his side. "We have not met but I was told of your description. I am pleased you have taken up Sensoola's offer. I am Captain Mbata of the Bad Baboon."  Behind him, tied up to the pier is a broad beamed 45 foot sailing dhow with a foredeck, stern deck, and an open hold. The mast is set forward and has a raised boom. The vessel has a flattened bottom (which cannot be seen). Six (6) dark skinned crew members are lounging around the boat. Mbata continues, "If you have all your equipment then I suggest we go aboard and make preparations to get underway ."

When the PCs are ready they can climb on board where they meet the muscular first mate Ohab and the rest of the crew. All appear confident about the upcoming journey. Mbata, on the other hand is more serious, explaining that the area they are visiting is not on the trade routes and no one really knows what is out there. According to Mbata, the sea journey will take two days and the river journey looks to be another 5 or 6 days.

Captain Kekie Mbata   5th level Fighter
AC: 7 (Dex 16, Single Wpn Style) HD: 5 hp: 39 THACO: 16 (15 with Falchion +1) Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d6 +2/ 2d4+1 (Falchion +1) or 1d4/1d4 (Light Crossbow) Alignment: N(G)
Equipment: Falchion Sword +1, Jar of Keoghtoms's Ointment (7 doses), Baggy Clothes, 10cp/20sp/40 gp.
*In combat Mbata fights to protect his crew.

1st Mate Ohab  2nd level Fighter
AC: 7 (Dex 15, Ringmail Breast Plate) HD: 2 hp: 21 (Con 17) THACO: 19/19 (Two Wpn Style, Ambi Dex, Strength) Attacks: 2 or 1 Damage: 1d6+4/2d4 +3 (Falchion, Strength  18/11) or 1d4/1d4 (Light Crossbow) Alignment: NG
Equipment: Falchion Swords (2), Ringmail Breast Plate, Clothing, 20cp/5sp/4gp.

Deck Hands (5) O-level Humans
AC: 10 HD: 1 hp: 7 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d6 +1/2d4 (Falchion) or 1d4/1d4 (Light Crossbow)  Alignment: N
Equipment: Falchion Swords, Baggy Clothes, 67cp/29sp/5gp/2ep total. (Note: The Light Crossbows are located around the ship. There are 10 in total.)

The Bad Baboon (Flat Bottomed Dhow- Riverboat)

The Bad Baboon is very well equipped and has an experienced Captain which is why Sensoola chose this vessel:

Dimensions: 45'x15' Mast: 10 feet from the bow. Sail: Triangular on a long upward slanting boom. Stone Anchor (50 lbs) and heavy rope (200'). Gunwale level: 4 feet from the waterline. Deck: Covers first 15 feet and last 10 feet with an open hold covered by a canvas tarpaulin. Rudder: Centred on stern with rudder bar steerage. Oars: 6 stowed along inside of hold. Ship Lights: 2 lanterns with Continual Light. Weapons: 10 Light Crossbows with 30 Bolts each, 4 Spears, 6 Hand Axes, 6 Falchion Swords. Provisions: Dried Food and Water for one month (10 persons), 300' Rope, Spare Sail, 2 Canvas Hold Covers, 1 Canvas Deck Cover, Assorted Wooden Poles, Twine, Wood Working Tools, (16) Lamp Oil, (4) small hand held Oil Lamps, Sealed Tar Bucket, Corking Cloth, Gang Plank, 5 Buckets, 8 Thin Blankets, 7 String Hammocks. 

Note: the stern deck is almost always covered by a canvas tarpaulin acting as a shade cloth. Under both decks are small cabin areas. These are packed with food and water supplies that are not kept in the open hold.

Tropical Conditions:

The PCs face various challenges when living in a tropical environment ...

Heat - No metal Armour can be worn - only light leather or Ringmail protection (Breast Plates and Arm Guards only). Too many items of armour results in eventual heatstroke (or drowning in this adventure if they fall overboard). PCs wanting to wear their standard metal armour will suffer heatstroke after 1d3 hours (+1 hour for each Constitution bonus given to hit points) or after 3 rounds of combat  (+1 round for each Constitution bonus given to hit points). Heatstroke results in lightheadedness and deliriousness resulting in the loss of 1/2 the PC's ability scores with continued activity of any sort resulting in the loss of 1 point of Constitution per hour. Only rest, shade and water can stabilize the individual restoring 1 point of Constitution per day. Other scores are fully recovered after 2 days.

Insects - Small bugs are everywhere. After 1 day in the jungle each PC must roll a save versus poison or suffer nausea (-1 to attack rolls, strength and dexterity bonuses). Three (3) consecutive saves over 3 days negates and means the character has acclimatised to the conditions.

No Swimming - Every Turn the PC is in the water the DM should roll a 1d6. A roll of 6 indicates a Crocodile Attack:

Crocodile (1)
Sw: 12 AC: 5 HD: 3 hp: 26 THACO: 17 Attacks: 1 Damage 2d4/1d4+ drowning. xp: 200 (mod) Size: L
*The crocodile bites to clamp onto its victim. Victims can Save vs Breath Weapon, once per round, to break free, otherwise they are held. Characters that are held then receive 1d4 points of crushing/biting damage per round until they make a successful save to break free. Further, any held PC is immediately pulled underwater and is subject to drowning (Holding breath duration is 1/3 Constitution and half that amount if exerting themselves thereafter a Constitution check is required, and then another with a -2 cumulative penalty).

The River Journey

After two (2) uneventful days at sea the Bad Baboon comes to a wide river mouth that is surrounded on all sides by thick jungle foliage. The tributary is more than 300 yards across and a green canopy hangs across the river 20 to 30 feet on either side. The current is very slow moving making the waterway easily navigable by sailing boat.  [DMs] The journey from this point should take 6 days. Each day 1d6 should be rolled to check for a breeze.  A roll of 1 or 2 means there is no wind and the Bad Baboon must either be rowed up the river or tied to the shoreline. In the heat Captain Mbata will only man the oars if it looks like the upriver journey will leave less than 10 days of Food and Water remaining for the return leg. There are 21 days to complete this first leg leaving 10 days to return to Port Cambollaar.

At the end of each day Captain Mbata has the Bab Baboon tied up to the shoreline. He suggests a three (3) person, three (3) shift watch at night with the crew and the PCs splitting the duty. PCs may sleep on the deck or in the hold if they have hammocks. The crew all have hammocks (they have a spare one) but often sleep on the deck.

During the journey, both day and night, the DM should roll for random encounters. (Note: For the purpose of this Adventure details of any land based encounters have been omitted. The DM can create a list of such encounters based on tables found in the MM if they wish to explore the jungle.)

Day Time Random Encounters: (Roll 1d8 three times per day. A roll of 1 indicates an Encounter)

1. Jungle Giant (1)
2. Insect Plague (1)
3. Stirge Attack (5)
4. Banderlong Attack (12)

1. Jungle Giant (1)
Mv: 15 AC: 3 HD: 11 hp: 108 THACO: 9 Attack: 1 or 2 Damage 2d8+9 (club) or 2d6+9 (Fine Bow & Arrow). Alignment: N  Size: H (18')  xp: 6000
This Green Skinned Giant is minding her own business but stops to watch the PCs boat go by. (This encounter happens only once.) The Giant does not respond to any attempts at communication and gets very annoyed if PCs dare approach.

2. Insect Plague (1)
This haze of biting insects covers the river an inflicts a total of 2 hp damage over 5 rounds as the boat moves through the cloud. Captain Mbata calls for the spare canvas to be unfolded and used as additional shelter in the hold. The crew is ordered into the hold while Mbata wraps himself up in an old blanket and mans the rudder.

3. Stirges (5)
Fl: 18 AC: 8 HD: 1+1 Hp: 7 THACO: 1 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d3 + automatic 1d4 per round until 12 hp are taken or the Stirge is reduced to 0 hp. Attacks against an attached Stirge that miss must be re-rolled vs the victim's AC. Alignment: Animal Size: S (2')  xp: 175
PCs have one round of actions before these creatures strike provided there is someone on lookout. If there is no watch then this attack is without warning.

4. Banderlong (12)
Mv: 12 (in trees) AC: 6 (or 4 with 50% concealment) HD: 4 hp: 28 THACO: 15 (16 in this situation) Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4+1 (bite) or 1d2 + nausea (retch fruit). Alignment: N Size: M  xp: 120
These large green skinned Baboons inhabit the trees overlooking this stretch of water and have nothing better to do than throw foul retch fruits at the boat. They throw from the tree-tops at a range of 150' feet with a -1 range penalty. PCs that are hit suffer 3 rounds of retching and 1 hour of 1/2 strength from the experience. Any throws that miss have a 50% chance of hitting the deck causing 1/2 strength effects in a 5' foot radius. This attack lasts for 3 rounds and stops if the PCs kill one of the apes.

Night Time Random Encounters: (Roll 1d10 three times per night. A roll of 1 indicates an Encounter + surprise)

1. Constrictor Snake (1)
2. Huge Spider (1)
3. Huge Bat (1)
4. Jaguar (1)

1. Constrictor Snake (1)
Mv: 9 AC: 6 HD: 3+3 hp: 19  THACO: 17  Attacks: 2  Damage: 1 (Bite) + 1d3/rd (Crush)  Alignment: Animal Size: M (15' long)  xp: 175
This snake drops onto anyone on watch (Roll for surprise). Open doors roll is required to break free. Anyone assisting is subject to bite attacks. Twenty percent (20%) of damage inflicted upon the snake also affects the victim. PCs may attempt to pin the head (-4 penalty) and thus attempt a second cutting attack with a knife or dagger, without causing damage to the victim.

2. Huge Spider (1)
Mv: 18 AC: 2+2  hp: 14 THACO: 19 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d6 + Poison (see below) Alignment: Animal  Size: M (6' Diameter)  xp: 270
This spider is out hunting and leaps onto anyone on watch from a distance of 30' (Roll for surprise, -6 penalty). This first attack also causes 1d4 points of impact damage and the victim must roll vs dexterity with a -4 penalty to avoid falling prone. Anyone bitten must Save vs Poison (+1) or receive 15 hp damage over a 3 round onset time (5hp per round).

3. Huge Bat (1)
Mv: 15/3 AC: 7 HD: 4 hp: 31 THACO: 17 Attacks: 1 Damage: 2d4 (bite) + screech. Alignment: N(E) Size: H (12'-16' wing)  xp: 420
This sinister bat is also out hunting. It attacks from the least likely direction and is completely silent (-3 to surprise rolls). If the victim is still alive after the 1st round it screeches to stun its prey or other attackers (save vs paralysis or be stunned for 1d4 rounds).

4. Jaguar (1)
Mv: 15 AC: 6 HD: 4+1 hp: 28 THACO: 17 Attacks: 3 + Special. Damage: 1d3/1d3 (Claws) + 1d8 (Bite) + Special 1d4+1/1d4+1 (rake) Alignment: Animal  Size: M  xp: 420
This jaguar is out hunting and will leap 30' onto anyone on watch (Roll for surprise). If both front claws hit then the jaguar can make two separate raking attacks with its rear claws.

The Lizard Man Attack

On the third day of travel the party encounters Lizard Man Warriors:

"As the Bad Baboon slowly makes its way up river you see a large number of Lizard Men leaping from the riverbank into the water ahead of the boat. They swim directly for the ship."
Lizard Men (22) Mv: 9 Sw: 12  AC: 5 HD 2+1 hp: 14 THACO: 17 Attacks: 3 Damage: 1d2+1 (Claw)/ 1d3 (Stone Dagger)/ 1d6 (Bite) Alignment: N  Size: L  xp: 65

Tactics: The Lizard Men are excellent swimmers and will take only 2 rounds to reach the vessel. They take one more round to climb aboard and attack. They seek to kill the PCs and crew and take the bodies back to their village for a feast. These Warriors retreat if more than HALF their number are killed - survivors will dive overboard and underwater, being exposed for only one round before they get out of range.

The Village of the Lizard Men

"Soon after the Lizard Man attack, the Bad Baboon encounters an abandoned village. There are 4 large 20' diameter straw and leaf huts standing in a grassy clearing off the starboard (right) quarter."
This is the village of the Lizard Men. In addition to any survivors of the previous battle, there are another 14 more plus the Leader. They all wait inside the huts until the PCs come onshore. If the PCs do not approach, the Lizard Men wait in hiding until the boat has passed.

Lizard Man Leader (1)
Mv: 9 Sw: 12 AC: 5 HD: 4+4 hp: 36 THACO: 16 Attacks: 3 Damage: 1d3+2 (Claw)/ 1d4+2 (Steel Dagger + Strength)/ 2d4 (Bite) Alignment: N (E) Size: L (8' tall)  xp: 475

Lizard Men (14+)
Mv: 9 Sw: 12  AC: 5 HD 2+1 hp: 14 THACO: 17 Attacks: 3 Damage: 1d2+1 (Claw)/ 1d3 (Stone Dagger)/ 1d6 (Bite) Alignment: N  Size: L  xp: 65

Tactics: The Lizard Men fight ferociously to protect their village but will flee if the leader and more than half their number are slain.

There are also 40 females (same stats as males without stone daggers) and 10 young (as orcs) hiding in the jungle should the PCs decide to investigate. These creatures cannot be detected unless PCs travel more than 50' feet into the foliage. A search of the huts reveals mats of grass for sleeping and numerous bones of various creatures.

Webs Over a Very Large Area

On the 5th day of travel the Bad Baboon rounds a broad bend only to discover a dense wall of thick spider webs stretching more than 200 yards across the river. The strands are less than 4' from the water. Captain Mbata and Ohab both turn to each other and exclaim, "Torches !" Captain Mbata, explains that they forgot to bring a bundle of torches with them. He recommends downing the sail and rowing towards the webs and burning them so they can get through. Makeshift torches will have to be made (PCs are encouraged to think creatively using materials carried onboard). DMs should note that there are 6 oars meaning that the entire crew and Ohab will be preoccupied as they row towards the webs.

The spider webs are very thick and do not burn easily at all. They seem to stretch out from the darkened jungle that reaches partly over the river. It will take 20 minutes to fully clear a space for the mast and the hull by burning away the webs. After two rounds of this activity many large spiders stream forth from the jungle shadowed sides of the web in an attempt to swarm onto the boat. Mbata and Ohab will immediately pull the Bad Baboon away from the threat but 2d6 spiders will manage to jump on deck before a safe distance (30') can be attained.

Large Spiders (20)
Mv: 6 Wb: 15 AC: 8 HD: 1+1 hp: 8 THACO: 19 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d2 + Poison (15/0). Alignment: Animal  Size: S (2')  xp: 175
*Onset time for the poison is 15 minutes.


Arrival at the River Temple Ruins

On the 6th day, around mid-day, Captain Mbata spies the Temple ahead of the boat through a gap in the trees. A few minutes later a stone landing can be seen on the starboard side. As the ship draws closer the PCs can see a cleared grassy area that cuts into the jungle from the riverbank. In the middle of this clearing, at the end of a wide stone pathway, is a large square semi-ruined stone building topped with a red tiled roof. Many roof tiles are missing and the grey stone walls are streaked with water stains and lichen in places. The doors appear to be missing leaving a darkened doorway. Surprisingly no vines grow upon the building nor are there signs of the jungle encroaching upon the grassy area.

The landing itself has stone column posts every 10 feet, being 60' long overall. It extends 10' from the river bank. A flight of stairs leads up the bank to a stone pathway that is 20' wide and 180' feet long. On either side of the path is a 4' wide strip of bare earth. At the end of the path is the square-shaped Temple. The grassy area on either side is a marsh. PCs that move into this area have their movement rate slowed to half, and are still attacked in the manner described below. Captain Mbata regretfully tells the PCs that his bargain did not include going into the Temple and that his duty is to his crew and the ship. He believes someone or something, perhaps magic, is guarding this place. He will cover the PCs with his crossbow, as will the crew, standing ready for a quick departure if things go badly.

When the PCs travel more than half the distance (90') to the Temple the ground erupts on either side of the pathway (in 1 round) and the party is attacked by Skeletal Warriors wielding rusted Scimitars. As guardians of the Temple they are turned as 3HD Undead.

Skeletons (30)
Mv: 12 AC: 7 HD: 1  hp 8 THACO: 19 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d6 (Rusted Scimitars)  Size: M xp: 65
*Immune to charm, sleep, hold and cold. Edged and piercing weapons do half damage. Holy Water causes 2d6. Turned as 3HD.

Tactics: The Skeletons will attack until the PCs are driven back into the river, or until they have been destroyed. They will not allow themselves to be sniped at by archers from the River and will re-bury themselves in the earthen strip along the pathway. Any Turned skeletons also re-bury themselves.

The Temple Ruins

Upon reaching the Temple, PCs can see the building is 110' feet on each side. The walls are 3' feet thick, and although cracked, stained, and partly covered in lichen, remain solid. The red terracotta roof tiles on the other hand are faded and some are missing. Through a 10 foot wide doorway the characters can see shafts of light illuminating a bare earthen floor that is raised in a low mound in the centre. There are four (4) very solid looking 3 foot tall copper braziers (100lbs), shaped exactly like barrels, that are situated in the four corners of the Temple.

PCs may enter the Temple and move around unmolested, but if they touch any of the copper braziers (that are magically enchanted), or dig in the earth, then the following happens (in 1 round):

"You hear a deep rumbling sound and the ground begins to shake. Earth from the floor flies upwards* and the white bones of a large dragon now tower above you. Within its huge horned skull glowing red eyes stare blankly casting a faint light inside the Temple. A tingling (electrical) feeling can be felt upon the skin causing the hairs on exposed areas of the arms, or the backs of the characters' necks, to stand on end."
 *PCs standing on the raised mound are thrown to the ground while those within 10 feet must make a Dexterity Check to remain standing. The Dragon takes 1 round to form while PCs thrown to the ground take a round to recover. PCs that still stand can act for one round before initiative is rolled.

Skeletal Dragon (1)
Mv: 12 AC: 1 HD: 12 hp: 99 THACO: 9 Attacks: 3 +1 Damage: 1d6/1d6/3d6-2 (claw/claw/bite) + 1d4 +1 (tail) Size: G (50' body 40' tail) ~ Immune to charm, sleep, hold, cold and 1/2 damage from fire or electrical attacks. Edged & piercing weapons do 1/2 damage. Holy water causes permanent 2d4+2 damage. Cannot be Turned by Priests while in the Temple. Turned as Mummy (7HD). Remains turn to smoke in 1 hour and reform inside the Temple.  The copper braziers glow a faint blue for 3 rounds while this happens.
xp: 2000 (temporary defeat) 5000 (permanent destruction)

Tactics: The Undead Dragon is unthinking and functions as a Monstrous Skeleton. PCs who move outside are pursued but it takes a full 2 rounds for the Dragon's bones to shuffle their way through the open doorway. This monster will attempt to drive PCs from the Temple grounds, and likely into the river, before returning to the Temple. Like the Skeletal Warriors, this monster will not allow itself to be sniped at from afar.

The Dragon can be permanently defeated through 30 vials worth of holy water poured all over the bones or a lesser amount on the copper braziers inside the Temple - 4 vials per barrel that boils and steams (1 or 2 vials just boils off) which causes the barrels to melt. Removal of the contents out of any brazier breaks the skeletal animation enchantment for the dragon.

After fully defeating the Dragon Captain Mbata and the crew cheer the victory. Seeing that the danger is passed Mbata will come ashore and leave Ohab in charge of the Bad Baboon. The PCs now have 2d2 hours to make good their search of the Temple before a faint buzzing sound can be heard coming from outside (see Escape from the Temple below).

The Temple's Treasure

A search inside the Temple reveals nothing but bare earth and the copper braziers. However, inside the heavy braziers, which have been enchanted to animate the bones of the Dragon, are magical items and gems. Hacking into them is almost impossible since they are inch thick. It will take days of beating to break through the exteriors with heavy implements. Holy Water poured into the concave top will boil and slowly melt a hole through them. Four (4) vials of Holy Water are needed for each one.

Looking inside PCs can see that each barrel is packed with:

*Hundreds of small animal bones - snakes, lizards, crocodiles, giant frogs, birds, and monkeys. *4 Silver Discs each worth 50gp, 4 Gold discs worth 200gp each, 4 Electrum Discs worth 1000gp each and 4 Platinum Discs worth 2000gp each. *Also, separately in each copper barrel, are an Ioun Stone (pearl white spindle - regenerates 1hp/turn), Ring of Gaseous Form, Pearl of Power (5th level Spell Recall), and a Manual of One Spell (Animate Dead - 5th Level Wizard). *There is also one gem inside each barrel: 1 Ruby (5000gp), 1 Sapphire (1000gp), 1 Diamond (5000gp) and 1 Emerald (5000gp).

Escape from the Temple

After 2d2 hours Ohab begins yelling from the landing to "Ghet out! Ghet out! Run!" and PCs looking in his direction can see him pointing to the jungle behind the Temple. As this happens the sound of the buzzing gets louder and the sky begins to get dark. The PCs will have 3 rounds to leave before a huge swarm of insects descends upon the area. The swarm stays around the Temple until nightfall, lasting a number of hours, before dispersing.

Insect Swarm - Stinging Flies (1d100 x 100,000)
Fl: 18 AC: 8 HD: 1hp per 20 insects THACO/Attacks: 80% chance per round of being bitten. Damage: 1 hp Size: T (1") *Vision reduced to 2d4 feet. Attacks that hit the Swarm kill 1d20 insects per hp of Damage. xp: 2000 to Destroy Entire Swarm.

If the PCs manage to board the Bad Baboon in the best possible time (less than 3 rounds) it still takes 1 round to cast off while the Swarm descends. The Bad Baboon faces 1d8 rounds in the Swarm with crew members diving under canvas after 1d4 rounds. Captain Mbata steers the boat whilst beating the air around him with his Falchion Sword. After emerging from the Swarm the PCs and crew find themselves bloody, with very many bites marks, but alive(!).

The Return

The journey back is far easier and quicker than the upstream navigation. Using the River current, weak though it may be, the Bad Baboon does not need the wind for the return trip and it takes only 3 days to reach the sea. DMs must still roll for day-time and night-time random encounters, picking actions that they have not previously experienced. The Lizard Men survivors avoid making any attacks this time around with their village being temporarily abandoned.


If the PCs return with all the treasure Sensoola escorts them and Captain Mbata to her small town house where she casts Identify on the objects. She picks the Manual of One Spell (Animate Dead) - that acts as a reusable scroll but requires extensive and expensive material components- and the Ring (of Gaseous Form).

The PCs and Captain Mbata can choose between the Ioun Stone and the Pearl of Power. Mbata would prefer the healing stone, which can be used on his crew but can still make use of the Pearl of Power through trading it for something more useful. He accepts that the PCs did the majority of the fighting. The other treasures are split as evenly as possible - despite any earlier agreement between all three parties. The biggest problem is cashing in the valuable items for usable gold or silver pieces ! The crew of the Bad Baboon eventually gets an evenly divided cut of half of Mbata's loot with Ohab getting two shares worth.

Experience points for completing the Adventure, on top of that already awarded by the DM, are 1000xp per character.

Ideas for placing the Adventure in a Temperate Setting.

Not many Campaigns are set in a jungle environment. PCs could journey by sea to such a location to take up this Adventure, but to make this more workable for immediate game play THACO DRAGON offers the following alterations allowing for a Temperate Environment:

Sensoola Fazielle =  Lilleth Starweaver (Half Elf)
Captain Kekie Mbata = Captain Junken (Broadsword +1)
Ohab = Fletcher Vingren (Sword Sword and Daggers)
Crew Weapons = Broadswords
The Bad Baboon =  The Red Rose

No Swimming:

Giant Crocodile (1) = Giant Leeches (1d4)
*Giant Leeches (1d4): Sw: 3 Mv 3 AC: 9 HD: 2 hp: 12 THACO: 19 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4 +1hp per round (Bite + Blood Drain). Only 1% chance of noticing. At 50% hp loss PC becomes aware of attack. Size: S (2')  xp: 120

Day Time Random Encounters:

1. Jungle Giant (1) = Wood Giant (1)
2. Insect Plague (1) = Robber Flies (8)
3. Stirge Attack (5) = Same
4. Banderlong Attack (12) = Aarakocra (8)

E-2. Robber Fly: Fl: 18 Mv: 6 AC: 6 HD: 2 THACO: 19 Attacks: 1 Damage 1d6 (Bite) Size: S (3' long) xp: 35

E-4. Aarakocra: Fl: 36 Mv: 6 AC:7 HD: 1+2 hp: 9THACO: 19 Attacks: 2 or 1 Damage: 1d3/1d3 (Claws) or 1d3 (Rock). Alignment: Neutral Size: M  xp: 65  *These humanoids circle high above and drop rocks (5 per Aarakocra) on The Red Rose for fun. They swoop down to randomly target anyone on deck until they run out of rocks.  PCs can fire once per swooping attack at the extreme range of their Longbows or Heavy Crossbows if they possess any.

Night Time Encounters:

1. Constrictor Snake (1) = Same
2. Huge Spider (1) = Same
3. Huge Bat (1) = Same
4. Jaguar (1) = Black Panther (same stats)

The Lizard Man Attack (22) = Savage Orcs (44)

DMs should replace these monsters with Savage Orcs (1+2 HD), with hide armour AC 7, wielding stone tipped spears (1d4+1) who come at the PCs in crude dug-out canoes. Their ambush is set at a bend in the river so that there is less time for their victims to react. It takes 2 rounds before they board The Red Rose and 1 more round of climbing to be on deck. There are four Orcs (4) per canoe which is eleven (11) canoes in total. As they close with The Red Rose the Orcs in front throw extra spears (3) at the closest targets. One Orc, who organised this attack, is a Shamen (2HD) and attempts to cast Hold Person, while keeping three (3) Cure Light Wounds for himself. The overall Orc Leader has the same stats as in the Lizard Man encounter except he wields a huge Two Handed Axe (1d10).

The River Temple Ruins are the same, including the Insect Swarm encounter at the end, except the skeletons wield rusted Broadswords.

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