The Temple of the Yellow Skulls

A magical artefact, that has been hidden in the mountains, is needed to lift a curse placed upon the ruling family in the Port of Honzu. This Oriental Adventure, set on the Island of Kozakura, is intended for Player Characters who are either Gaijin (foreigners) or non-residents of Honzu of 4th to 5th level.


During the course of the party's stay in Honzu they are approached by two Samurai who are in service to the Port's ruling clan. They introduce themselves as Masayuki Satsumo and Takei Shimada. Masayuki explains that their clan faces a small problem on one of the Islets in the bay:
"According to the fishermen, a group of monsters has taken over an abandoned shrine making it unsafe for any to make landfall in case of an emergency. Because of the shrine, none of the clan warriors are permitted to fight there and so we are seeking foreigners who would be willing to battle the creatures - out of their own personal interest. Officially the Ishimoto clan has nothing to do with any fighting in or around the shrine and has not violated any agreements made to preserve the sanctity of this holy place." Masayuki continues ... "Of course the clan would be very grateful to see the monsters driven from their position in the bay."
Masayuki Satsumo (1) 4th level Samurai
AC: 1 (Dex 14) HD: 4 hp: 35 THACO: 15 (Str 16, Specialisation) Attacks: 3/2 Damage: 2d6+3 (katana two handed style) Alignment: LG  xp: 350
Special Abilities: Ki power - Str 18/00 per round once per level per day (THACO improves by two and damage by +5), +5 vs Mind Attacks.
Equipment: Splint Armour, katana, wakizashi, Ring of Protection +2, Ring of the Hornet (polymorphs wearer into a Hornet Wasp upon command), blue, white and black patterned kimono jacket, 6 fen/9 yuan/9 tael (see this link for a description of oriental money).

Shimada Takei (1) 7th level Samurai
AC: -2 (Dex 17, Banded Armour +2) HD: 7 hp: 71 (Con 17) THACO: 11 (Specialisation plus magical weapons) Attacks: 3 Damage: 1d10+4 (katana +2), 1d8+4 (wakizashi +2) Alignment: LN xp: 1500
Special Abilities: Ki power - Str 18/00 per round once per level per day (THACO improves by two and damage by +6), +5 vs Mind Attacks.
Equipment: Banded Armour +2, Pearl of Fire Resistance, Fan of Invisibility (when opened the character becomes invisible, but any significant movement dispels the illusion), blue, white and black patterned kimono jacket, 10 yuan/12 tael.

The request being made here is a test.

The Lord of Honzu is seeking capable fighters but not those with extraordinary powers or experience. Gaijin, or non-resident warriors, of relatively low level, are being tested so they can be sent on an important quest that is destined to play out in the nearby mountains. Lord Ishimoto knows that higher level characters cannot be chosen for this second endeavour because they will ultimately fail due to a danger that would overcome more experienced warriors.

In relation to this first undeclared test - although the monsters on the islet are a nuisance, and a serious danger to the fishermen, they have been ignored by the authorities for the last month. The abandoned shrine is not actually recognised as a holy site by the modern people of Honzu. The story about needing Gaijin or foreigners to clear the islet of monsters only applies to the second mountain quest.

If the PCs agree to clear the islet then Masayuki indicates they should find themselves a shimaihagi (small fishing boat) and some hardy fishermen willing to make the journey. Masayuki also knows the monsters are Bakemono, but will pretend he doesn't know. He reminds the PCs that this excursion officially has nothing to do with the Ishimoto clan and they must continue alone.

The Fishermen

Moving through the town the PCs soon find themselves at the seaside. Upon a pebble beach the characters see a number of small fishing boats and attending fishermen who wear grey shirts and trousers. Wandering nearer to the PCs comes one slightly overweight and seemingly arrogant fisherman. In a raised voice he states: "If want to buy fish you'll best be coming back tomorrow. Even if you are willing to pay more than the low prices commanded by the Lord of Honzu you can't have any fish."

Gokuru the Fisherman (1) 2nd level Bushi (ex-soldier and paid informer to Lord Ishimoto)
AC: 9 (martial arts bonus) HD: 2 hp: 16 THACO: 19 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4 (oar) or (tanto/knife) Alignment: LN
Equipment: heavy cloth jacket and pants, tanto, 10 fen/4 yuan/2 tael.

If the PCs offer money to visit the islet occupied by the monsters Gokuru becomes very interested. "Oh?" he turns towards them. He is willing to take any reasonable offer equivalent to 3 tael or more. "How much do you think you would pay for me and my crew to go on such a dangerous journey?" If the PCs offer more than 3 tael he immediately accepts and directs them to his fishing boat where 3 crew are stashing the nets ready for the day's catch. "Leave the nets behind, we're going to Katanashi Ichidou Islet."

Fishermen (3) 0-level Humans
AC: 10 HD: 1 hp: 8 THACO 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d3 (small fishing knives)
Equipment: coarse grey shirt & trousers.

The fishing boat without its nets can take a crew of four, who do the rowing, plus four passengers. The rowers sit side-by-side pulling on four oars that fill the space from amidships to the stern with the forward part of the boat free for passengers. If there are more than four PCs Gokuru can organise another boat but will insist on more money to compensate for the loss of income from the day's catch. He intends to drop the characters at a small beach adjacent to a wrecked jetty, close to the occupied shrine, and then wait offshore. If asked Gokuru can provide a brief description of the Islet (see later text for details).

Jinsoku-Ebi or Swift Lobster (1) shimaihagi fishing boat 18' x 5'
Equipment: oars (4), bucket (1), painter (bow) rope (20'), anchor rope (100'), circular stone anchor (24lbs).

There is enough space for seated or standing characters in this flat-sided boat but no room to move effectively during any combat. Therefore no Armour Class bonuses for dexterity apply. PCs who wear heavy armour and fall overboard risk drowning.

As the boat leaves shore they are passed by a Hornet Wasp that flies far off their port side and across the harbour. The wasp is Masayuki Satsumo who has used his magical ring and will spy on the PCs from the heights of the treetops on the Islet. Unless the PCs actively use some method of magical detection Masayuki will remain undiscovered.

Katanashi Ichidou (ruined shrine) Islet

Gokuru and his crew take half an hour to row to the islet which sits just inside one of the headlands of the harbour. The islet is small, not more than 400 yards across, with the ruined shrine visible before a small grove of trees. According to Gokuru, short shadowy figures have been seen by passing boats - danger enough to keep the fishermen away.

As the Jinsoku-Ebi moves nearer details can be seen revealing a partially ruined wooden jetty adjacent a sandy beach among the rocky shoreline. Beyond the shore is a small grove of trees in front of which is a rectangular wall that is part of the shrine. Moving quickly from the grove and onto the jetty are six (6) short figures with bows in hand.

Bakemono Archers (6)
AC: 6 HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 3/2 or 1 Damage: 1d6 (Arrow or Short Sword) Size: S 4'  Mv: 6 Alignment: xp: 15
Equipment: Composite Short Bow (14 arrows each) Range: 50/100/150 , Short Sword, piecemeal plate armour, 43 fen/12 yuan/2 tael total.

Tactics: The Bakemono move out onto the ruined jetty and fire off arrows starting from their maximum range. They can fire at a rate of 3/2 rounds over a period of 5 rounds until the fishing boat makes the beach and then they all run for the cover of the shrine wall. In the first round, firing at their maximum range (-5 penalty), two arrows can be released followed by one arrow in the next round and then two etc. If any of these humanoids becomes injured before the PCs make landfall the injured rush off towards the cover of the wall where they are healed of 3hp via healing proficiency from their herbalist-trained leader. [See this link for an image and description of the goblin-like Bakemono.]

When the PCs move off the beach nine (9) more Bakemono rush from behind the wall of the shrine, across the grassy strip, and charge the party. Surviving archers also emerge and fire upon the party aiming for any obvious spell casters. If the charging Bakemono strike with their spears they do double damage. They take one round, striking at the end of the round, to reach the PCs, after travelling 80 feet from cover. 

Bakemono (8)
AC: 6 (AC 7 charging) HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d6 (Yari-spear, double damage with charge) Mv: 6 Size: 4' Alignment: CE xp: 15
Equipment: Yari (spear), piecemeal plate armour, 40 fen/14 yuan total.

Bakemono Leader (1) herbalist/healer
AC: 4 HD: 2 hp: 15 THACO: 18 (str) Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d8+1 (Naginata) + poison (0/15) Size: S 4' Mv: 6 xp: 35
Equipment: Naginata, Banded armour, poison salve, 10 fen/2 yuan/1 tael.

Bakemono Archers (?) survivors from previous encounter
MV: 6 AC: 6 HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 3/2 or 1 Damage: 1d6 (Arrow or Short Sword) Size: S 4' Mv: 6 Alignment: xp: 15
Equipment: Composite Short Bow (14 arrows each) Range: 50/100/150, Short Sword, piecemeal plate armour.

If PCs approach the shrine they see there is only one remaining wall and rubble strewn around. There are remains of a camp fire and the bones of small birds and rats. Also to be found are three (3) bundles of arrows tied together with string (a total of 74 arrows), a large bag of herbs and a bundle of cloth strips. Hidden among the trees is a large upturned canoe with a large split running through the middle. Further into the tree-line is a shallow pool of collected rainwater.

An Audience with Lord Ishimoto

When the PCs return Masayuki Satsumo and Takei Shimada are waiting for them a short distance from the stony beach. Masayuki thanks them for their effort and immediately invites them to the town's central keep on behalf of Lord Ishimoto, the ruler of Honzu.

If the PCs ask why they are being summoned Masayuki can tell them that his lord faces another problem that only Gaijin or non-residents of Honzu can overcome. If the PCs do not want to continue Masayuki and Takei both look surprised. Takei continues "You must obey the summons. You can still refuse the coming task but you cannot refuse an audience with Lord Ishimoto."

If the PCs decide they do not want to attend the Lord of Honzu, which may occur if they are barbaric Gaijin, a second attempt to convince them is made the next day. Masayuki will appeal to the character's sense of honour or monetary desires, offering up to a total of 2000 tael to the party and any standard equipment they require. He also argues that more treasures could be acquired in the course of service to Lord Ishimoto. However, this time the two retainers are backed by 100 1st level Samurai and a 9th level Shukenja (Hirotomo) who will cast multiple Hold Person spells upon the PCs. This back up force waits a few streets away until called for. The PCs are effectively put under arrest. In this scenario one of the PCs, or an NPC, is held hostage during the course of the adventure.

Warriors of Honzu Keep (100) 1st level Samurai
AC: 4 (Banded Armour) HD: 1 hp: 10 THACO: 19 (Specialisation) Attacks: 3/2 Damage: 2d6+2 (Specialisation, katana 2 handed), 1d8 (wakizashi) Alignment: LN xp: 35
Special Abilities: Ki power - Str 18/00 per round once per level per day (THACO improves by two and damage by +6), +5 vs Mind Attacks.

Hirotomo (1) 9th level Shukenja
AC: 2 (Studded Leather +3, Dex 16) HD: 9 hp: 56 THACO: 14 Attacks: 3/2 Damage: 1d6+2 (Bo Staff) Alignment: LN xp: 800
Special Abilities: +3 to all saving throw rolls, Protection from Evil 10-foot radius 3/day, Lay Hands 18hp/day, Remove Curse 3/day, Saves vs Mind +5 (Wis 16), Invulnerable to edged weapons for 9 hits (Granted Power).
Equipment: Bow Staff +2, tanto +1.

Spells: [1st] Bless, Deflection (x2) - SA vs Death for no missile damage, 1/2 melee damage, duration 2rds/level, Detect Evil (x2), Detect Poison, Detect Disease; [2nd] Slow Poison, Hold Person (x4); [3rd] Cure Disease, Dispel Magic; [4th] Neutralise Poison, Polymorph Self.

Having agreed to attend Honzu Keep the PCs are escorted by Masayuki and Shimada through the town until they reach the main gate of a huge walled area. Walking past the ranks of the garrison soldiers, who are training inside the open air compound, the party moves onward into a large, white plastered, 2 storey square building featuring a curving black-tiled roof. The iron bound double doors are open and guarded by four (4) Samurai. Two guard dogs are chained to the nearby walls. After moving inside the PCs pass through an internal doorway guarded by four (4) more Samurai. At the next threshold, also guarded by more Samurai, their escorts stop. Masayuki turns to the PCs and simply says: "We must wait here."

Masayuki explains that when inside the audience chamber the characters should remain silent and only answer if asked a question. To act otherwise would be seen as highly disrespectful. After about 10 minutes, foot movement can be heard from the other side of the door. Shortly thereafter the doors are slid open by two (2) attendants to reveal a large square room decorated with wood panelled walls that feature landscape scenery lit by brightly shining, undoubtedly magical, lamps.

At the far end of the room upon a raised platform are two figures, one seated and one standing. As the party advances they see the that the figure standing appears to be a middle aged priest (Hirotomo), who is wearing brown robes, whilst the other figure of a similar age is clothed in a plain black kimono with two swords in his belt. On the wall behind the stage is the huge blue lotus flower motif of the Ishimoto clan.

The brown robed figure speaks. [Note: If the PCs are arrested, and one of their number taken hostage, they are given an abbreviated version of this speech that only reveals the need to recover the artefact and the fact that the Monk is the guardian. No other details are offered.]
"Lord Ishimoto wants me to be direct - so we will avoid formalities. My Lord and his family are suffering a curse bestowed upon them by an evil witch which thus far cannot dispelled. My own powers are not strong enough to remove this curse and our final hope rests with the recovery of a magical artefact guarded by a Monk in the nearby mountains. According to prior arrangement this Monk will not loan the artefact to, nor appear before, any members of the Ishimoto clan who visit the mountains. It was agreed that only those foreign to our territory would be able to make contact with the guardian and that he would know their authenticity via private information known only to himself and Lord Ishimoto. He is sworn to protect members of our clan from the corrupting power of the artefact. This circumstance also ensures that no attempts at betraying our Lord can even be attempted from those within the clan. Once you encounter the Monk you can explain the circumstances of our situation and he, being a personal friend of Lord Ishimoto, should come directly to the keep bringing the artefact with him.

This artefact, that can remove curses, can also, in the wrong hands, bestow them - but only by corrupting those of great power or renown such as Lord Ishimoto or myself. You see, the artefact can bend the will of others but is itself cursed. Those of low or modest skills will find the magical device a relatively mundane, albeit magical, item that has no influence over them. With the right knowledge such possessors will be able to command some of its weaker functions - one of which is to remove curses. Those of great skills and powers will find themselves dominated by an evil force trapped within the crystal, one that is bent on havoc and destruction. We would be honoured if you would help us."
The priest bows to the PCs upon finishing his monologue. Lord Ishimoto remains sitting upright, staring directly ahead. PCs can roll a d20 for difficult passive perception check (average between INT and WIS with a -6 penalty) to notice that Lord Ishimoto appears to be blind.

If the PCs agree to the quest the priest looks relieved, while Ishimoto's expression only slightly changes. Read the following (see backquoted text appearing after the paragraph below).

If the PCs refuse then they are told that they should strongly think about reconsidering and are told about the honour they would accrue in the service of Lord Ishimoto. If they still refuse they are escorted outside the audience chamber where they wait with Masayuki and Shimada and are told their refusal is being considered. After a short time they are eventually escorted outside whereupon the doors are bolted behind them, and they are surrounded by (100) one hundred 1st level Samurai and (20) twenty 2nd level Samurai (see stats for 'Chamber Guards' below except that they wear Banded Armour AC4). Hirotomo appears wearing studded leather armour and Masayuki and Shimada draw their weapons. They are asked to submit one of their number as a hostage to provide encouragement for the rest of the party to undertake the quest.

The Priest moves forward.
"Call me Hirotomo. Take this ring that bears the Lord's Seal (Ring of Protection +4) so that the Monk, who is called Wazikama, will know from whence you've come and say to him that Lord Ishimoto thanks him for his 'green sacrifice' at Daikyu Castle. He will know what this means."
Lord Ishimoto (1) 13th level Samurai Warlord (blinded)
AC: 2 (Dex 17, Kimono of Iron Armour AC 5) HD: 13 hp: 101 (Con 15) THACO: 6 (Str 17, Specialisation) Attacks: 7/2 Damage: 1d10+6 (katana+3) 1d8+6 (wakizashi+3)  Alignment: LN  xp: 2000
Special Abilities: Ki power - Str 18/00 per round once per level per day (THACO improves by two and damage by +5), +5 vs Mind Attacks.
Special Penalties: -2 to hit (blinded with blind fighting skill)
Equipment: Katana +3 of detecting enemies, Wakizashi +3 of displacement, Ring of Mind Shielding, Kimono of Iron Armour.

Hirotomo (1) 9th level Shukenja
AC: 8 or 2 (See earlier entry for other stats).

Warriors of Honzu Keep (4) 2nd level Samurai (chamber guards)
AC: 8 (Padded Armour) HD: 2 hp: 16 THACO: 18 (Specialisation) Attacks: 3/2 Damage: 2d6+2 (Specialisation, katana 2 handed), 1d8 (wakizashi) Alignment: LN xp: 55
Special Abilities: Ki power - Str 18/00 per round once per level per day (THACO improves by two and damage by +6), +5 vs Mind Attacks.

Attendants (2) 0-level humans
AC:10 (kimono) HD: 1 hp; 6 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1 (fist) Alignment N xp: 5

Journey to the Mountains

Outside of Honzu Keep the party is escorted by Masayuki and told they may purchase any equipment they need to help them on their journey and that he will cover all their costs. If the PCs are on good terms Shimada soon catches up to the party bearing a number of magical items on loan from the keep.

Magical Items - Scrolls: Cure Disease (3), Hold Person (2), Cure Serious Wounds (2), Neutralise Poison (2), Katana +1, Bo Stick +1, Short Bow +1, Healing Potions (6) in a bag, Wand of Magic Missiles (12 charges).

After handing out the items Shimada tells the PCs that the mountain area behind the port is a wild area occupied by various beasts and humanoids like Bakemono. The Monk is somewhere higher in the mountains but he may have camped closer to the town in recent years. The best way forward is to simply follow the mountain trail until the party finds the reclusive guardian.

The Duel

Starting at dawn the next day the PCs leave behind the walls that zone off the heavily populated area of Honzu and journey down the road past numerous rice fields and dispersed wooden farm houses made from logs. The PCs pass numerous peasants and their animals until they come upon a small inn outside of which three figures can be seen leaning against a roadside fence. The figures are dressed in dirty black-and-red banded armour that is not of the Ishimoto clan. 

As the PCs approach the leader challenges one of the party to a duel for honour and money.
"You look to be a brave, honourable and well-to-do warrior. Will you not do me, Iezu, the honour of a duel? Having no money I ask only that should I win you offer me a token so that my companions and I can pay for our next meal? If you should win I can only offer my respect and acknowledgement of your skill."
The PC has no obligation to fight. If the challenge is accepted then Iezu suggests a brutal Five Strikes duel using Bokken (wooden swords, dam: 1hded 1d4/1d2 2hded 1d6/1d3). The first to land five hits is declared the winner unless the opponent is beaten unconscious first (25% of blunt instrument damage is temporary). If the PCs do not have a wooden sword one of Iezu's companions offers one of their own. Iezu has issued such challenges on many occasions, especially to lone travellers, where after the losing opponent is robbed and sometimes killed.

 Iezu (1) 3rd level Ronin
AC: 2 (Banded Armour, Dex 16) HD: 3 hp: 25 THACO: 16 (Str 17, Specialisation) Attacks: 3/2 Damage: 1d6+3 (Bokken, two handed) or 2d6+3 (Katana, two handed) Alignment: NE xp: 250
Special Abilities: Ki power - Str 18/00 per round once per level per day (THACO improves by +2 and damage by +5), +5 vs Mind Attacks.
Equipment: Katana, wakizashi, 50 fen/10 yuan/8 tael/2 ch'ien (hidden throughout his clothes).

Ronin (2) 1st and 2nd level Ronin
AC: 4 (Banded Armour) HD: 1 and 2 hp: 10, 22 (Con 15) THACO: 19, 18 (Specialisation) Attacks: 3/2 Damage: 2d6+2 (Specialisation, katana 2 handed), 1d8 (wakizashi) Alignment: NE xp: 35 65
Special Abilities: Ki power - Str 18/00 per round once per level per day (THACO improves by +2 and damage by +6), +5 vs Mind Attacks.
Equipment: Katana, wakizashi, 34 fen/16 yuan/8 tael total.

If the PC wins the duel, soon after they depart the area of the inn the party is confronted by a peasant who throws himself upon the ground. He pleads for their help. He explains that over the last week these Ronin have been demanding food and extorting money from various peasants and passing merchants. He says that no-one has risked going to the authorities under threat of death from Iezu.
*[DMs may ask the Players to make wisdom checks. Those that pass can be told that their characters have no reason to believe that what this peasant says is true. The party is free to discuss their course of action. They are not obligated to do anything.]

Nakamoto (1) Peasant 0-level Human
AC: 10 HD: 1 hp: 7 THACO: 20 Damage: unarmed
Equipment: robes, sandals.

If the PCs confront Iezu he acts indignantly asking "So what if we've taken some money from these wretches? We are Samurai."

The PCs should be able to point out that these Ronin are not Samurai of Honzu and that their actions are an insult to Lord Ishimoto's authority. Iezu then questions the PCs' authority pointing out that they do not appear to be members of the Ishimoto clan either. The PCs can either try to arrest or drive off the Ronin. If they present Lord Ishimoto's Ring and forcefully state their case then these Ronin will leave, taking the same road as the PCs but continuing around the mountains rather than into them. If no proof is offered, and depending upon the size and condition of the PC party (and Iezu's condition after the previous Five Strikes duel), a battle may commence.


Travelling further down the road the party soon clears the rice fields, moving past lush green meadows, as the steep tree covered mountains loom ever larger. A short way ahead the road forks with one path leading into the lower reaches of the steep hills. Taking this new route the PCs soon see the ruins of a small fort right before the tree-line. Only the lower earth-filled stone walls of the fort remain and a large tree grows from the centre.

From a distance the PCs can see that walking upon the top of this raised platform are various small figures that constantly move under the tree to torment a hogtied figure that hangs from one of the lower branches. Shrill laughter can be heard.

[For the DM] The small figures are Bakemono and they do not immediately notice the PCs who can remain unnoticed by lying low in the grass by the road - which provides partial concealment.
If the PCs continue their advance a Bakemono immediately notices them and alerts the others. In response to being detected all the Bakemono move to the edge of the wall/platform.

Bakemono (12)
AC: 7  HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 or 3/2 Damage: 1d6 (Yari-spear) or 1d3 (thrown rock: Range 20/30/60 ) Size: S 4' Mv: 6 Alignment: CE xp: 15
Equipment: Yari (spear), studded leather armour, 84 fen/6 yuan/11 tael.

Bakemono Archers (2)
AC: 7  HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 3/2 or 1 Damage: 1d6 (Arrow) or 1d4 (Dagger) Size: S 4' Mv: 6 Alignment: CE xp: 15
Equipment: Short Bow (range 50/100/150), Arrows 14, dagger, studded leather armour, 14 fen/1 yuan/1 tael.

Fort: 50' x 50' earth filled platform with grass and a tree growing on top. The cracked stone walls are 10' high with numerous footholds. Nevertheless it takes at least 2 rounds to scale this obstacle, unencumbered thieves can race up in one round. Anyone hit whilst climbing must make a dexterity check with a minus 4 penalty to avoid falling off for 1d2 points of damage.

Tactics: The Bakemono line the top of the wall and wait for PCs to come into their archers' long range whereupon they open fire. If the PCs return fire at 150 yards and hit one of the Bakemono they all drop to the ground on the top of the wall (90% cover) and wait until the PCs approach to 30 feet away before they all stand up. The archers fire arrows and the rest of the band throw rocks that do 1d3 points of damage (25% being temporary).  The Bakemono will flee the platform if more than half of their number are killed or incapacitated.

If the PCs win they find that the hogtied individual is a merchant, Dakura, who fell off the back of a wagon when it raced to escape these Bakemono at the crossroad. Unhappily for the Bakemono, he was not carrying anything on himself at the time of his misfortune.

Into the Mountains

Continuing past the ruined fort the party soon finds itself under a canopy of trees as they enter the lower slopes of the mountain. The ground rises steeply and the path narrows to a 3 foot width. The curving route blocks vision to 50 feet as it winds around the hillside.

Unless the PCs are completely silent they will walk into an AMBUSH set by a group of Bugbears. The monsters have already spotted the party from a position higher on the mountain (unless the PCs were invisible). The Bugbears superior hearing allows them to time their trap without the danger of being surprised by the PCs rounding the hillside.

The Bugbears use extremely large bamboo screens, shaped like large curved shields, covered with mud and leaves so that they blend into the shadowed sloping hillside. Six of them line the upper slopes above the path at 5 foot intervals and spring out when the main group of PCs comes by. Each Bugbear, standing 7 feet tall, despite their hunched goblinoid form, chooses a single opponent and attacks with the element of surprise before any initiative is rolled. If half the attackers fall the remaining Bugbears flee.

Bugbears (6)
AC: 6 (Brigandine Armour) HD: 3+1 hp: 28 THACO: 17 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d8+2 or 2d4+2 (Battle Axe/Morning Star + Str) Size: L 7' Mv: 9 Alignment: CE xp:120
Special Abilities: Infravision 60', Superior hearing.
Equipment: Battle Axe (2), Morning Star (4), Long Bladed Daggers (6), dried fruit rations, 15 fen/6 yuan.

At the end of the encounter the PCs are forced to stop and camp in a small clearing on the path as the sun sets.

A Dangerous Crossing.

As the Sun rises the next day the PCs set off again along the trail moving higher into the mountains. As the elevation increases the trail becomes littered with rocks. Some hours after midday the PCs see an opening in the canopy. Before them in this sunlit gap, some distance ahead, is a waterfall that cuts through the mountain filling a 50 foot wide pool of water that blocks the path.

Approaching the pool the PCs can see that the collected water flows over the side, across a 20 foot gap, and continues down the mountain. Apart from swimming 50 feet across pool (which is 10 deep at the mid point) the PCs may attempt to inch their way across the 20 foot outer edge which is shorter and shallower but treacherous because of the rushing water. PCs can make the crossing, perhaps tied to each other, via a successful dexterity check with a -1 penalty to the attempt for every point of AC over Leather Armour (ie Banded Armour AC 4 has a -4 penalty).  Those failing the dexterity check have a 50% chance of either falling into the pool (to drown if wearing heavy armour) or falling over the edge of the mountain for 4d6 points of damage with the knockout chance being double the damage sustained (ie 20 points = 40% KO). When the party is halfway through this crossing they are attacked by a Giant Waterserpent.

Note: Trying to climb the sheer sides of the mountain, should be discouraged since the PCs will still have to find their way across the expanse of water at any height with similar chances of falling.

Giant Waterserpent (1)
AC: 5 HD: 6+1 hp: 44 THACO: 15 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4 (Bite), 2d8 (Constrict - open doors roll -1 to break free) or Special (Lightning Bolt x3 for 5d6 Damage, Range: 50') Size L 30' Sw: 12' Alignment: N(E) xp: 750
Special Defences: Invisible Underwater, Detects Invisible creatures through electrical sense, Immune to Electricity.

Tactics: The Giant Waterserpent will raise part of its body out of the water at a point just in front of the falling water and try to kill one of the PCs with its electrical attack. This is a surprise attack with the normal chances of detection and reaction. The monster hopes that the victim of the attack will fall/sink into the water whereupon it will retrieve the meal so that it can feast upon it in the depths directly under the falling water. If the targeted PCs still lives the monster attacks again using its breath weapon in the subsequent round. A swimming PC may be attacked from underwater with a bite attack. If the bite is successful the monster holds on and rolls another attack in the next round to wrap itself around the victim so that it constricts for 2d8 points of damage thereafter.  Characters attacked in this way must also survive being drowned.

A Hairy Encounter

Travelling onwards the now rocky, but still tree-covered, trail rises higher. Many large boulders dot the hillside. Rounding one of these large rocks the party encounters a monstrously sized brown bear featuring wickedly large claws and oversized fangs. The beast towers more than 12 feet in height. (Roll for initiative).

Cave Bear (1)
AC: 6 HD 6+6 hp: 54 THACO: 13 Attacks: 3 Damage: 1d8/1d8/1d12 (claw/claw/bite) + Special* Size: H 12' Mv: 12 xp: 650
*If a claw scores on a roll of 18 or better it becomes a Bear Hug for 2d8.
*At 0 to -8hp the Cave Bear keeps fighting for 3 more rounds regardless of its hit points.
*Regeneration. If the monster reaches 0 to -8hp, and the PCs flee, it falls to the ground but regenerates as if it had a Constitution of 20.

The Guardian

As the party gains height along the path the trees soon become sparse as the sun sinks ever lower in the sky. The PCs soon reach a clearing 30' x 80' with many large 10' high bounders and an expanse of grass. This looks to be the ideal place to camp. [DM to instruct PCs to initiate camping routine].

In the morning, as the PCs prepare to leave a figure dressed in brown robes, appears at the edge of the clearing.
"Is there anything I can help you with? Are you lost? What brings you to these dangerous mountains, fame, fortune, self improvement? Are you residents of Honzu looking for adventure?"
>If the PCs engage in idle chit-chat the figure will entertain the conversation asking how they avoided the Giant Waterserpent and mentioning the large numbers of Bugbears that inhabit the lower reaches of the mountain.
>If the PCs suspect that the monk is Wazikama and confront him he readily admits to his identify but denies he knows anything about a crystal artefact or that he knows Lord Ishimoto. He tells the PCs that the ruler of Honzu must be mistaken or that they may have been tricked. PCs must present both Lord Ishimoto's Ring and mention the 'green sacrifice' at Daikyu Castle at which point Wazikama responds:
"HA! The green sacrifice? Do you know what it is? It was his old cloak. I sacrificed it for a good cause." [DMs are invited to make up a story if necessary]

"Ishimoto did send you. He must be in a lot of trouble if he wants that crystal. The problem is I don't have it. I hid it in a dangerous place and I can't go near it. The crystal can bend my mind. It never used to be a problem but as I've honed my skills in the mountains it occurred to me that I would someday be subject to its control, a control that only effects those of superior ability. I needed to hide it in a place which could not be easily reached."

"I can only reveal the location if you pass my unarmed fighting test. Fighting me one at a time your three most experienced must try to knock me out in an unarmed duel. Each of you will fight for three rounds. You may wear your armour but no armoured gauntlets."  [DMs should note that 75% of punching damage is temporary.]
Wazikama (1) 9th level Monk
Str 15 Wis 16 Int 14 Dex 18 Con 14 Cha 12
AC: 0 (Padded Armour, Dex 18, Amulet +2, Monk AC bonus) HD: 8+2 hp: 52 THACO: 15 (weapon) or 7 (unarmed) Attacks: 3/2 (weapon) or 5/2 (unarmed) Damage: weapon +4 or unarmed  1d6+6 (with +5 to chart selection) Mv: 15' Alignment: LG Xp: 2000
Special Abilities: Cannot be knocked out, No damage from 20' falls and half for greater distances, Meditation, Speak with Animals, Mind over Body, All Around Sight, Mental Resistance (+2 vs Mind), Chi Power (can hit +1 monsters), Immune to Disease/Hold/Slow/Poisons/Environment, Half damage from Magic, Save vs Magic Spells that have No Saves, Heal 1d4+2 on own body, Feign Death, Dodge melee or thrown/missile weapons 2/round (doubled if only thrown/missile attacks) - SA vs Breath Weapon (including the dexterity bonus), Thief Skills (adj for Padded Armour): MS 60 OL 55 FT 20 HS 35 HN 25 CW 50.

Equipment: Monk's Robes, Dagger of Ghost Form +3 (This dagger detects undead at 100' foot radius, protects against energy draining or cold spells, and does double damage to undead. Twice a week, when commanded, the user can take on a spectral form identical to the Wizard spell Wraithform which lasts for 2 turns. The dagger cannot be given away by the present owner who will lose two points of Strength and Constitution each day of separation from the item. Anyone touching the dagger who is not the present owner receives cumulative cold damage starting at 1hp and then 2-3-5-8).

The PCs fighting Wazikama, who literally cannot be knocked unconscious unless his hit points fall to zero, should have little chance of winning. After the losses Wazikama seems pleased.
"You passed! You have some skill, but not too great. You have a chance of surviving the next part of the journey, but you must swear, absolutely, to keep the secret I am about to reveal to yourselves."
At this point all PCs must swear on their honour to keep the crystal's location secret or Wazikama will say nothing. When they swear Wazikama continues ...
"The Temple of the Yellow Skulls is where the crystal is hidden. It is located high in the mountains. It is a place of the dead. This remote lair has a main hall and then a series of secret rooms. I hid the crystal among bones in the last room - a large cave - through which runs lava."
Wazikama can tell the PCs that years ago, using magic (the Dagger of Ghost Form), he infiltrated the temple and placed the crystal in the last room of the hidden lair. Outside the lair entrance were decorative suits of armour, and inside was a main hall with two rows of lacquered wooden cabinets upon the top of which were large silver plates with yellow skulls. There were two hidden rooms, the entrance to which could be found directly behind a large statue at the end of the Hall. These rooms were empty but a third room, which was a rock cut cave, was full of bones. "When I entered this last room, that had a stream of lava running through the middle, I was attacked by a number of bone monsters (2 or 3). I left the crystal among the piles of bones and fled."

Wazikama points to a barely recognisable trail leading from the clearing that does not follow from the previous route the characters have taken. "If you follow this path, in a few days time you will reach the entrance to the Temple of the Yellow Skulls. It is cut into the side of the mountain."

Journey to the Temple

The new more narrow trail runs along the hillside and winds upwards and across a ridge line connecting to another larger mountain. The trees now become infrequent and the PCs soon find themselves high up travelling over rocky shale and past boulders with the sides of the mountain reaching ever higher. Looking downwards and backwards the PCs can see the green tree-line some distance below them.

It takes three days of winding travel on the mountain trail until they reach the temple. On the second day one random member of the party is preyed upon by a Giant Eagle which attacks using surprise after diving from a great height.

Giant Eagle (1)
AC: 7 HD: 4 hp: 23 THACO: 15 or 11 (in dive attack) Attacks: 3 or 2 Damage: 1d6/1d6 (claws) plus 2d6 (bite) Size: L 10 tall x 20 wingspan Mv: 3, Fl 48 (D) Alignment: Neutral xp: 420
*Causes double damage in dive that restricts attack to two claws.
*If both claws hit the PC has been smothered in a vice-like grip, unable to wield a weapon, and is carried aloft. Struggling PCs are subjected to squeezing for 2d4 hp per round. A Saving Throw versus Breath Weapon, modified for any bonuses in strength, is required to break free. PCs that escape this way fall 4d10 feet onto the mountain side. If the PC plays dead the Eagle lands on a nearby rock ledge, out of range of the party, to finish its meal.

Note: The path stays relatively flat and does not rise in elevation until the last day where it snakes around and opens up into a rocky clearing 200' across that has the PCs facing into the mountain and the carved entrance to the temple.

The Temple of the Yellow Skulls

Looking across the clearing of broken gravel and rocks at the shear side of the mountain the characters observe the stone-carved entrance to the temple, with two large pillars flanking a large 10 foot wide black lacquered double door which features brass door handles (on closer inspection, no lock can be found). On either side of this door are two ornately decorated 7' tall Full Plate armoured figures, with oriental lion helms, clasping two handed swords that point downward. They stand as still as statues.

Animated Decorative Full Plate Armour Guardians (2)
AC: 1 HD: 4+4 hp: 36 THACO: 15 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d10+1 (Two Handed Sword) Size: L Mv: 6 xp: 800
*Special Defences: Immune to non-magic missiles and magic missile attacks, takes 1/2 damage from cold, fire and electricity based spells.

Tactics: The Armour Guardians will not react to any attacks that do them no harm. PCs that approach without launching any attacks can make it to the entryway before the Guardians suddenly lash out and attack (roll for surprise if the PCs drop their guard). Ranged attacks that cause damage will also cause them to attack. If any PC tries to rush the door after distracting the outside Guardians they will be ignored for more Guardians wait inside.

>The door to the temple is barred from the inside with iron latches fixed over the top of the bar to prevent anyone from the outside using a sword blade to lift the obstruction.

PCs may use spells, hack down the door (100hp) with axes, or use iron spikes to remove the hinges in order to gain entry. If the party starts to destroy the door the bar is lifted from the inside and the doors swing outward pushing the PCs back. Ahead is a 30 x 30 foot room with a polished black marble floor and another set of double doors that feature locks on the opposite wall. On each side wall are two smaller doors.

Waiting inside this room are six more Armoured Guardians standing off to either side. If the PCs do nothing four advance. If the PCs engage and then retreat, drawing the Armoured Guardians outside, the two remaining close the doors and replace the bar. If the PCs make another attempt on the door six more Armoured Guardians stand ready and they all advance to attack, relentlessly pursuing their attackers wherever they go. If the PCs defeat all six Armoured Guardian within the first room then no more appear to replace them until the next day when four more are animated.

Animated Decorative Full Plate Armour Guardians (6-10)
AC: 1 HD: 4+4 hp: 36 THACO: 15 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d10+1 (Two Handed Sword) Size: L Mv: 6 xp: 800
*Special Defences: Immune to non-magic missiles and magic missile attacks, takes 1/2 damage from cold, fire and electricity based spells.

The two doors on either side of the entryway room lead to 20 x 20 rooms that respectively contain two-handed swords plus some axes, and piles of Full Plate Armour pieces that magically assemble, animating to replace the Armoured Guardians that moved outside. The armour room can animate four Guardians per day, which takes two rounds. This occurs after any Armoured Guardians move outside to engage in combat. The Guardians configure themselves so there are two of their number outside and six inside when not in battle. After any confrontation the remaining Guardians collect the fallen remains of other Guardians and place them in the Armour room. Note: If the six Guardians inside the first room are all destroyed therein no more Guardians are generated until the next day.

The Hall of Yellow Skulls

The doors here are the same as the outer ones except they are sealed with a large easy-to-pick locking mechanism which is cleverly designed to prevent anyone looking through the keyhole (it only extends part way though the door on either side). Anyone attempting to open the lock, with an appropriately large tool to fit the keyhole, does so with a bonus of 30% to the roll. There are no traps or wards of any kind on the door.  

Opening the doors reveals a magically lit white marble lined hall (50 x 70) with black floor to ceiling columns extending down its length at 5 foot intervals. The columns are positioned 10 feet from the walls. Lined up before them are rows of short (4') polished wooden cabinets upon which rest large silver plates topped with Yellow Coloured Skulls. There are two rows of 16 cabinets with these skulls. At the end of the hall is a large white stone statue of a monk with a skull's head standing upon a black dais.

Tactics: If the PCs disturb the skulls, touch the silver plates, open the cabinet doors, or pass the half way point of the room, a terrifying shriek issues as the skulls leap off their plates and the cabinet doors fly open - throwing out bones that form, with the skulls, into complete skeletons armed with curved daggers. The yellow colouring of the skulls is due to deadly Yellow Mould and it shoots spores into the air filling the hall, except for a small 3 foot edge along the walls, when the trap is sprung.

Any spells cast in the Hall suffer a 20% chance of failure because of the nature of the Temple. Turning Undead in this Hall fails completely - although Priests or Clerics with Turning capability who physically strike the skeletons will destroy them with one blow. [DMs note: This deadly skeleton trap may be sprung by missile fire at a safe distance].

Yellow Mould (32)
AC: 9  HD: N/A hp: N/A THACO: N/A Attacks: 1 (Area of Hall) Damage: Save versus Poison or Die in 2d6 rounds Mv: 0 MR: 20% (40% inside the Hall) xp: 65 per skull
*Affected only by fire, the heat of which instantly destroys the mould.
*Cure Disease spells prevent death. Only this spell and a resurrection spell can revive deceased characters.

Skeletons (32)
AC: 7 HD: 1  hp 8 THACO: 19 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4 (Curved Dagger) Mv: 12 Size: M xp: 65
*Immune to charm, sleep, hold and cold. Edged and piercing weapons do half damage. Holy Water causes 2d6.
*Cannot be Turned or Destroyed inside the Hall.
*Can be physically struck down in one blow with weapons wielded by Priests or Clerics who can Turn Undead.

There is no treasure to be found other than the silver plates and curved daggers from the skeletons. After the battle the characters should look to negate the Yellow Mould (using fire) or it will regrow to pose a threat on any subsequent visits. Hidden directly behind the statue is a secret door, described by Wazikama. PCs can find it on rolls of 1-3 on a 1d6.

Hidden Chambers

Room 1. Part of the wall swings open to reveal a 30' wide x 20' long room with a bare earth floor. The walls are rough hewn stone and there is no light source apart from that coming through the doorway. Directly opposite is an dark brown lacquered door (locked, 50hp) from which light can be seen coming from the other side around the edges.

[For the DM] Under the dirt of the floor is a carpet of bones and ten skeletal crawling claws. When a character reaches the opposite door the floor erupts with bone tentacles that leap out of the ground all around the PCs. This upheaval also unearths the ten Skeletal Crawling Claws that leap to attack after initiative is rolled. The tentacles attack via the rule for magic - immediate Saving Throws are required by PCs on the earth floor.

Bone Tentacles (5) Evard's Black Tentacles variation
*Player Characters must Save versus Magic. Success indicates they are struck by a bone tentacle for 1d4 points and then the tentacle is destroyed. Failure indicates they have become entangled and take 2d4 points of damage in the first round and then 3d4 each round thereafter.
AC: 3 hp: 14ea Damage: 1d4 or 2d4 then 3d4 thereafter Size: L 10' tall xp: 450 total

Skeletal Crawling Claws (10)
AC: 7 HD: 1/2 hp: 3 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4 (fist vs armour) or 1d6 (crushing grip vs unarmoured) Size: T (hand sized) xp: 35
*Leap 15 feet, Undead immunities plus immune to Holy Water, Unable to be Turned, Immune to magical weapon damage bonuses, edged weapons do half damage.

Room 2. After gaining entry (though the locked door) the PCs see a 30' x 30' room with a 60 foot ceiling all lined with white marble. Like the Main Hall, this room is lit with bright magical light but a strong breeze blows from an unknown source. In the far wall is a locked door identical to the last  (Locked door, 50hp - except it is trapped - it is a one way door and once picked and opened will swing shut and lock once all PCs leave the confines of the air room. There is no keyhole on the other side. This door is warm to the touch and an orange glow can been seen around the edge.)

PCs stepping into the air room are immediately attacked by four Bat Winged Skulls that emit deafening bone-jarring shrieks that seem to sap the life out of the characters. The shriek takes effect at the start of the round before they swoop low to bite their opponents. Note: These monsters cannot be seen, remaining magically invisible, until a character enters the room.

Bat Winged Skulls (4)
AC: 5 HD: 2+2 hp: 16 THACO: 19 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d4 (bite) + poison (0/20) Mv: Fl 24(B) Size: S 4' wingspan Alignment: CE xp:650
*Special Attack: Shriek - Save versus Paralysis or lose 1 point of Strength and Constitution. PCs must roll a save for each Bat Winged Skull.
*Special Defence: Undead Immunities, Turned as 4HD.

The Cave of Bones and Skulls

The door opens into a large fire lit cave roughly 100 feet in diameter. The PCs instantly feel the heat from the room that has an orange glow coming from a stream of lava that cuts the room in half. A stone bridge spans the divide.

Directly in front and all throughout the room are many large piles of bones while the cave walls feature tall alcoves filled with hundreds of yellow skulls (they do not animate). DMs should ad lib the details of the cave making sure that there are 20 large piles of bones with 8 on the far side beyond the lava stream. The crystal is hidden on the edge of the pile furthest from the door on the other side of the lava. Searching the correct pile reveals its location in just 1 round. Searching any other pile thoroughly, by essentially destroying it, takes 1 turn.

If the one way door locks behind the PCs or any character moves over the lava stream or anyone touches the Yellow Skulls (that release more Yellow Mould), the Bone Horror Guardians erupt from their hidden locations among the piles of bones situated on the far side of the cave.

Bone Horrors (3)
AC: 4 HD: 8 hp: 74 THACO: 11 Attacks: 2 Damage: 1d8/1d8 (bone clubbing 'arms') Size: Large (7' tall x 4' across) Mv: 6 Alignment: NE Xp: 2000
*Special Defence: +1 weapons to hit, Immune to mind control and cold, 1/2 damage from electricity & fire, missile fire causes only 1hp damage.

The Crystal

The Crystal Artefact confers to the holder protection like a Ring of Fire Resistance, Immunity to Curses, Immunity to Mind Controlling spells, Protection from Magical Detection, and can regenerate 1 hp per round. For any character of Name Level (9th or 10th level) the crystal reveals itself to be a sentient object with the ability to communicate thoughts, like command words for its various higher functions, and will attempt to control the owner. The ability to reach out to people of high level extends 100 feet. For the purpose of this adventure, the primary function is its ability to remove curses in a 20 foot radius. In the wrong hands (high level characters) the crystal can bestow various curses in a 100 foot radius for 1 hour per week.

Return Journey...

There are no encounters except toward the end of the mountain journey where the PCs encounter a small group of Bugbears on the lower tree covered path, at a distance of 50 feet (due to the curving nature of the track), who immediately rush the party.

Bugbears (3)
AC: 6 (Brigandine Armour) HD: 3+1 hp: 28 THACO: 17 Attacks: 1 Damage: 2d4+2 (Morning Star + Str) Size: L 7' Mv: 9 Alignment: CE xp:120
Special Abilities: Infravision 60', Superior hearing.
Equipment: Morning Stars (3), Long Bladed Daggers (3), dried fruit rations, 8 fen/4 yuan.

Masayuki Satsumo waits for the PCs outside the city. He's been told by Hirotomo how to activate the curse-removing power of crystal. The PCs are directed to a house where they can use the crystal on the drugged Lord Ishimoto and his family who are all dressed in coarse peasant clothes. Lying on sleeping mats the PCs find Lord Ishimoto, his wife, one adult male child and two young girls.

After treating Ishimoto the characters are then informed they must quickly return the crystal to the mountains. Having sworn secrecy to Wazikama they cannot reveal where it was hidden.   

Taking the Crystal Back

DMs will have to take account of what happened in the first instance when preparing for this return trip. However, the characters, now knowing the location of the Temple, could use magical means to avoid some of the hazards.

Note: The first thing to recognise is that Wazikama is nowhere to be found. Until the crystal is returned to the Temple he will keep well away from the party. His first encounter with them after the crystal has been deposited will be from a distance. He will shout out and ask them whether they are 'dangerous' - and after being satisfied with their answer, will accompany them back to Honzu.

This Means War

A revenge seeking warband of 40 Bakemono is hiding in the dark shadows within the tree-line at the foothills of the mountain, having spotted the PCs at some distance. They break cover, just as the PCs get near and attack in the open expecting that their large numbers will overwhelm the party. One volley of arrows is let loose before initiative is rolled.  The spearmen all charge in a line to engage the party with the five Sub-Leaders looking to flank this main action.

War Chief (1)
AC: 4 HD: 3 hp: 21 THACO: 17 (str) Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d8+2 (Naginata, Str) Size: S 4' Mv: 6 xp: 55
Equipment: Naginata, Banded armour, 6 fen/6 yuan/12 tael.

Bakemono Sub-Leaders (5)
AC: 4 HD: 2 hp: 15 THACO: 19 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d8 (Naginata) xp: 35
Equipment: Naginata, Banded armour, total 30 fen/4 yuan/11 tael.

Bakemono Archers (10)
AC: 7  HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 3/2 or 1 Damage: 1d6 (Arrow) or 1d4 (Dagger) Alignment: CE xp: 15
Equipment: Short Bow (range 50/100/150), Arrows 14, dagger, studded leather armour, 60 fen/8 yuan/2 tael.

Bakemono (34)
AC: 7  HD: 1-1 hp: 6 THACO: 20 Attacks: 1 Damage: 1d6 (Yari-spear) Alignment: CE xp: 15
Equipment: Yari (spear), studded leather armour, 240 fen/28 yuan/19 tael.

Return To the Temple

Crossing the high rocky path leading to the Temple the PCs must roll for surprise as an ambush is triggered by a lone Hill Giant standing higher up the mountain side who rains boulders upon the party. The Giant is 200 yards directly above the party on a higher mountain path. If his boulder attack, which consists of seven rocks, fails to knock out any of the party he lazily gives up and leaves.

Hill Giant (1)
AC: 3 (Hide Armour) HD: 12+2 hp: 140 THACO: 9 Attacks: 1 Damage: 2d6+7 (Club) or 2d8 (Boulder) Size: L 12' Tall Mv: 12 Alignment: CE xp: 3000
Equipment: Tree Trunk Club, Boulders (7), 11 tael/38 ch'ien in a large sack.

The Temple of the Yellow Skulls Revisited

The DM should refer to the party's previous engagements outside and inside the Temple to determine what dangers should be presently encountered. It is likely that the Temple has been partially destroyed so that few dangers remain. [see previous entries for monster and room details.]


Characters who complete the quest receive the gratitude of Lord Ishimoto and are treated as part of the clan (almost), although this outcome will vary depending upon their conduct and whether they willingly took part in the quest. A monetary reward might also be in the offering which is again dependent upon the set-up.

Bonus experience for completing this adventure is 2000xp per character.

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